David Brock Wants Cash to Build ‘Breitbart of the Left’

Danny Johnston/AP
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Left-wing political operative and close Hillary Clinton ally David Brock once tried to destroy Breitbart News. Now he is seeking funding to develop the “Breitbart of the left,” according to a report from The Hill.

Brock, who founded and manages the left-wing super PAC American Bridge, confirmed that his organization has established an anti-Trump “war room” that will seek to hold the Trump administration accountable as it prepares its transition to power.

He claims his organization has the most extensive archive of anti-Trump resources in the Democratic Party, and that his operatives will seek to fact-check all Trump’s statements in real time, whilst undertaking investigative research that will trawl through anything from Trump’s business interests to his charity work and personal life.

Any damaging findings will be immediately passed onto mainstream media sources, with the intent of undermining Trump’s presidency.

“The Trump administration is shaping up to be one of the most corrupt since the Gilded Age,” Brock said. “American Bridge will use everything at its disposal to hold it accountable.”

Brock, who was formerly a right-wing investigative journalist, has previously founded groups such as Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. He was once described by The Nation as a “conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder.”

Media Matters, a supposedly “non-partisan” charitable organization partially funded by George Soros, was ostensibly founded to correct factual errors in conservative media. But in 2012, the group was exposed as attempting the wholesale destruction of conservative media. A leaked internal document showed that Brock’s organization hoped to “bring litigation against FOX News and its feeders,” with the hope of crushing critics of President Barack Obama. The late Andrew Breitbart sparred constantly with Media Matters’ senior staff on Twitter.

Another one of Brock’s organisations, Correct the Record, also spent $1 million to hire online trolls to “correct” supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) across social media.

Brock’s new plans were revealed as Politico reported Tuesday that the far-left watchdog will be pivoting away from Fox News and towards Breitbart, which it now sees as its prime conservative enemy.

However, Brock has also said that in order to realize his own Breitbart-style mission, his project will need “significant financial investment,” which he suggested could come from prominent Clinton donors eager to undermine the President-elect.

Brock has reportedly invited 400 potential donors to an event in Palm Beach during Trump’s inauguration to solicit donations in order to fund his plan.

Speaking to reporters, Brock also appeared to blame Hillary Clinton’s loss partially on so-called “fake news” across social media, which much of the left believes influenced the election in Trump’s favor.

“A lot of garbage came spewing out of Facebook, and these companies need to adopt new standards and clean their own house. We’ll be involved in a campaign to push them to do that,” he said.

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