Nuclear Option: ‘Elections Matter’–Trump Campaigned on Extreme Vetting


Look, global elites, nobody said self-governance would be easy. Or pretty. But it is what it is. Get over it.

The full-bore freak-out hysteria over President Trump’s executive order directed at finally getting a grip on who exactly is coming into the United States from the Middle East has been amusing.

But it also reveals something terribly sinister about the wacko protesters, the mainstream media and an alarming number of actual sitting politicians. They really do not believe voters should have a say in how we are governed.

Or, as their hero-God former President Obama once said: Elections matter.

President Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposals were thoroughly and exhaustively debated in the election, an election which he won handily. Moreover, his proposals were roundly smeared in the most negative terms as some kind of “Muslim ban” even before the election.

No matter how crazy mad these protesters are, President Trump is carrying out precisely the plans he promised he would. Only in politics would a politician keeping his promises be so utterly scandalous.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer was literally fake-crying on national television. And then all these other “serious” Democrats raced off to the nearest airport to get ahead of the angry mob. It is depressing that these hacks are the best representation some voters get in Congress.

And you watch: The very Democrats who are doing the most caterwauling today will be among the first to pay a political price in this new Era of Trump.

I get that these spineless politicians are just scared for their jobs. But it is hard to understand exactly what it is the actual protesters are protesting. Are they actually opposed to “extreme vetting” of people streaming into the United States from known terrorist breeding grounds?

Do these protesters object to more strenuous screening of people coming from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya?

Who, again, was the anti-Muslim bigot who identified these countries as terror hot spots anyway? Oh, that’s right, it was President Obama.

“Thanks, Obama,” as the president himself liked to say in the waning days of his failed presidency.

And now some people are claiming that stiffer screening will become yet another jihadi recruitment tool — oh that boogeyman of every single tactic ever used to combat the diabolical bullies of Islamo-fascism.

No, being alive while Jewish, Christian or atheist is the single biggest jihadi recruitment tool. Being gay or female or a sunbather anywhere in the world is the second-biggest jihadi recruitment tool. Let’s not even start talking about all the crap that Hollywood produces that sets the jihadis off like a cheap cellphone detonator.

Also, it seems like poor form for these protesters to be whining about “extreme vetting” inside actual airports, where every single day more than a million actual freedom-loving Americans endure humiliating, obnoxious and insulting “extreme vetting” at the hands of blue-gloved bureaucrats with serious police complexes.

We remove our shoes, our belts, our hairpieces and the lint from our pockets and then stand prone with our arms aloft in an X-ray tube that penetrates the deepest of our fat rolls. And the small town I am from wasn’t even a terrorist breeding ground!

The most maddening thing about the extreme vetting of excessive airport groping is knowing that never, not one single time, has all that nonsense, inconvenience and insult prevented a single terrorist attack. The only way to thwart this adaptive and merciless enemy is to find them before they get to America and kill them over there so we don’t have to kill them over here.

Charles Hurt can be reached at; follow him on Twitter via @charleshurt.


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