Poll: 55 Percent of Voters Support Trump’s Refugee Resettlement Freeze

Muslim Refugees AP

A majority of voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily halting migration from terror-exporting countries, a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday finds.

Pollsters worded the question to insinuate it was a blanket “Muslim ban,” but most voters still supported it. Asked if they approve or disapprove of “an order prohibiting citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from being able to enter the United States for 90 days and halting processing of refugees for 120 days,” 55 percent said they approved of Trump’s executive order, while 38 percent disapproved.

The poll also found 82 percent of Republican voters supported Trump’s executive order, with 61 percent strongly supporting it. A majority of political independents, 54 percent, supported it as well, and so did 28 percent of Democrats. Sixty-five percent of Democrats disapproved, with 49 percent strongly disapproving.

Of Tea Party supporters, 79 percent favored the migration moratorium—more bad news for pro-amnesty, pro-“free trade” billionaires who sought to channel the Tea Party’s populist energy into support for cheap labor.

Sixty percent of male voters approved of the migration freeze, as did 51 percent of female voters.

Regionally, the ban received the greatest support from Southern voters: 58 percent approved. In the Northeast, 54 percent approved. The Midwest, 52 percent. And the West, 51 percent.

Mass migration, particularly from violent and unstable countries, continues to be unpopular with voters.

A large majority of voters, 57 percent, want the U.S. government to halt refugee resettlement until better controls to screen foreigners can be implemented, Rasmussen found in January. A Reuters poll conducted around the same time found those strongly supporting Trump’s move to halt refugee resettlement outnumbered those that strongly opposed it three-to-one, and 48 percent overall approved of the order.

In August, a Rasmussen poll found 59 percent of likely voters supported an immigration pause on countries who export terrorism. That same month, another poll revealed only 36 percent of voters wanted to import thousands of Syrian refugees in American neighborhoods, including only 18 percent of Republicans. Similarly, in September, In September, another poll found 59 percent opposed failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plan to dump thousands more Syrian refugees into U.S. communities.

Pollsters questioned 2,070 registered voters from Feb. 2 to Feb. 4, with a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.


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