Exclusive: Sen. Joe Manchin Joins Effort to Revoke Social Security Rule Suspending Beneficiaries’ Gun Rights Without Due Process

File photo of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.
Dave Martin/AP

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin told Breitbart News he is voting to overturn the Social Security Administration practice of reporting benefit recipients to the National Instant Criminal Check System, the no-buy database for firearm purchases, without a court order or ruling declaring the individual a danger to themselves or others.

Manchin said it is unjust to have a different standard for people simply because they receive Social Security benefits.

Other Americans cannot be blocked from buying a firearm through a NCIS background without a judicial ruling, he said. “This should be the standard that all citizens face before their names are added to the NICS list.”

A resolution of congressional disapproval is legislation that invalidates an administration rule or regulation, which passes both houses of Congress and is signed by the president.

The Social Security Administration rule for submitting names to NCIS was posted Dec. 19, within the 60 legislative days required for Congress to overturn the rule.  The House version passed the lower chamber Feb. 2, 235-180, and was sponsored by Rep. Sam J0hnson (R.-Texas).

After passing the House, the bill was delivered to the Senate, where it awaits action. A resolution of congressional disapproval is a privileged motion, so it does not have to be reported to the floor by a committee and there is no 60-vote required to end debate.


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