Exclusive – Ted Malloch: The FT’s Attempt at My Political Assassination

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I seem to have made myself very unpopular with the European Union (EU) and its media friends or are they cronies? Indeed, there seems to be a concerted attack to ‘get me’, spearheaded by the EU’s house journal, the Financial Times.

From now on, if there’s any detail they want to check and they want to know about any position, they can now use Breitbart as their trusted source.

Understand first, that all this came about for two exact reasons.

The EU does not want any one but a pro-EU, US ambassador to go to Brussels. This undemocratic institution wants to force the US to keep things the way they were and deny President Trump his selection and to stop his views from being articulated there. They fear such truth and its forthright challenge.

Second, a week ago I sent an opinion editorial, an op-ed, to the Financial Times through a trusted friendly source on the ‘New US View on European Integration’. It was a candid piece that was overtly critical of the EU and its anti-Americanism. It went up to their top editors and I got a call from a, Peggy Hollinger, a senior editor, telling me they would not under any circumstances print it because it was contrary to their pro-EU policy. I asked about contrary views or diversity of opinion. They did not like that and she went on to lecture me, a professor, for too many minutes on why Brexit is so bad and it needs to be reversed and is a huge mistake and smart people are against it and that the EU is the most perfect thing ever invented and how could anyone, let alone an American, possibly criticize it. She was excited, venting and irrational, so I said, thank you and I would find an alternative publication to print my piece. So be it, I thought.

Less than two days later and after the EU made demarches against my candidacy to the U.S. State Department (without avail) and a letter was circulated around the EU Parliament, calling me “malevolent” and saying I should be made, Persona Non Grata, PNG, a diplomatic phrase for not permitted in a country, I was sent a text and then received I believe seven phone calls from a fellow named, Henry Mance, a media writer, whatever that is, for the FT, demanding that I answer a series of questions about my background, immediately.

I talked to him twice and he said he was told to do it by higher ups. I asked whom and if the EU paid him. He refused to answer. I have his texts and recorded one of his calls. He said he would not publish anything until a day later and I had reviewed his full text in all fairness. I was amazed when I woke up the very next morning and he had, contrary to his promise, printed it immediately, without my seeing it. They call such behavior “sharp,” in the UK, I am informed.

But I had sent him straight answers clarifying most of his queries. He did not use most of them or cribbed off my full replies. So here is a complete list, yes, there was a second string of questions after the first failed, showing that the FT had superficially at least combed through my entire background, books, and speeches and come up with a paltry suggestion that I embellished or was dubious over a few accounts. That is all they have — but that is false.

So here are the facts, and only the facts:

Most of what they have poached is from a tongue in cheek, memoir I wrote some years ago, entitled, DAVOS, ASPEN & YALE: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa, WND, 2016.

If they took time to actually read it, instead of just the back cover, which I did not personally write, they would have noted that I say up front it is not an autobiography at all, but in P. J. O’Rourke -style, a witty commentary on a life well lived and seen entirely through my own rose colored glasses. But they are lazy.

The FT Questions

Set One

Q: Did you receive an Emmy award?
A: The awards are given to the films not individuals and yes it did. You can confirm this with Mr. Clayton Taylor of WFYI the PBS affiliate who made the documentaries. I was executive producer and Todd Gould was the director and he has 17 such awards, I believe. The two documentaries are: Doing Virtuous Business, which I believe, was sent to nomination and Renewing American Culture, which was an Emmy finalist. It did not win. I never stated it did.

Q: The video shows no statement by Margaret Thatcher calling you a ‘genius’ or ‘global Sherpa’.
A: The video you provided is only of her speech not the introduction or words or greeting nor the private breakfast that took place beforehand. I will direct you to some of the 2500 people who were in attendance who can corroborate the claim made, if you desire. One such is, Skip Weitzen, who directed one of the panels of the program and was seated on the very front row during her speech.

Q: Did the Queen actually knight you?
I was entered into the Sovereign Order of St. John some years ago after having been nominated and have a letter stating such and the award comes through The Queen. I was tapped by a sword in her honor by her representative in New York so obviously it was not she. I never intimated such or that it is a full knighthood. In my book, if you read it, I am very joking about it and my wiseass sons referring to me as ‘Sir Ted’ in quotes. Americans don’t have such aristocratic titles. In fact, I also stated they gave me a prank white belt with the same jewel encrusted ‘Sir Ted’ marking as a funny Christmas gift.

Q: Are you a laird in Scotland?
Well only through a property owned in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. There are papers to that effect.

Q: Did the Lord Lyon issue you a Coat of Arms?
Yes, and I can send you a copy of the Coat of Arms with all the fancy inscriptions. Will you publish it?

Q: Did you complete your doctorate in 3 years?
Yes, I started at the University of Toronto on a Hart House fellowship in 1976 and finished in 1979. I did all my classwork and orals in less than three years and defended my thesis later. The degree was granted in 1980 – at the next latest available graduation ceremony. Would you like the name of my thesis examiner, who is British? Many of the other members of my doctoral committee have now deceased. I believe.


Set Two

Q: Approximately how many employees do The Roosevelt Group and/or Global Fiduciary Governance have?
A; At its height, it had approximately 15 employees FT and many more PT. Websites, tax and corporate filings in the US prove that.

Q: Searching LexisNexis, Factiva and JSTOR, we can find only five journal articles and four book reviews or books that you have authored or co-authored. Are there any more that you can point us to?
A: You will need to look harder over a 35 plus year time period. My bibliography is many pages long and includes 14 books, many chapters in peer-reviewed books, reviews and articles. Really these are accessible for the most part except for the older ones.

Q: Your CV states that you were a professor at SBS, which SBS denies. Do you feel that any of this document is inaccurate or do you have any other comment?
A; I was a Research Professor at Yale University and senior fellow at SBS. My status at Blackfriars Oxford was as research professor.

Q: Last year you set up a UK company, Roosevelt Global Fiduciary Governance, with your wife as company secretary, and your sons as the only other directors. This would suggest a small operation. Please let me know if you have any comment.
A: Why is there a problem with small companies? My sons are not directors. Check your facts, again. This is wrong.

Q: We are still unable to find any record of you having written for the New York Times, Washington Post or the Economist. Are there any articles that you can point to?
A; I organized a number of conferences for which papers were done for the Economist. Others op-eds or citations.

Q: Oxford say that you were not a fellow at Pembroke or at Wolfson, and it was “inaccurate” for you to say you were. Do you have any comment?
A; Contact Dr. Christopher Hancock who was at Wolfson College with me as a fellow. He will confirm it. It is correct to say I was not there very often, which is not uncommon for unpaid titles. I was some sort of fellow and this is all a mystery to me at Oxford.
I was a summer teaching fellow at the summer school at Pembroke College. I have receipts of payments proving such.

I stated: Perhaps you should also publish the email from the attendees to the Thatcher speech in 1992 where you stated I was not referred to as a “global Sherpa” which is patently, false.

Here attached:

Good Morning,
Per your request, I am delighted to provide background on Lady Thatcher’s title of Global Sherpa that she bestowed on Dr. Malloch at the 1992 CNN Congress.
I have worked with Ted since 1984, as a featured speaker at his many conferences. As the author of several business books, including Hypergrowth (John Wiley & Sons) I planned the Fast Growth Business track for the CNN Congress, which featured many of the leading business leaders of the time.
Ted Malloch featured many global luminaries in the opening session, including Dr. Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and of course, Lady Thatcher.
In her opening remarks, Mrs. Thatcher looked over the packed audience and without using notes; she began thanking members sitting on the dais.
When she got to Dr. Malloch, I was in the front row awaiting her remarks. Then she spoke, “I want to express my appreciation to Ted Malloch, a Global Sherpa, for asking me to speak at this fantastic conference.”
I looked at Ted sitting and saw him express a rare smile!
I don’t remember much that Lady Thatcher said after that, but for the next 25 years, I have referred to Ted Malloch in emails and articles as A Global Sherpa.
If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


H. Skip Weitzen, author

Nor the statement from Loyola University where they questioned my academic connections.


Ted Malloch (1) participated in a 2004 conference at Loyola, and his contributed essay was published in BUSINESS AND RELIGION: A CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS (Boston: Scrivener Press, 2005); (2) lectured again in 2006; (3) co-directed an international gathering at Loyola of deans of faith-based business schools in 2011; (4) served as an on-going consultant to the Centre for Spiritual Capital. Professor Nick Capaldi

Letter on Oxford appointment

Dear Mr. Mance,

The simple fact is, I am afraid I can’t fully answer your question. I didn’t read the letter of appointment that followed Wolfson’s very generous courtship of Dr. Malloch (which I was partly party to). The excellent, retiring President should have a copy on file. As you will know, there are a huge number of different types of ‘Fellowships’ at Oxbridge Colleges (including Visiting Fellowships), which are almost as mysterious to residents as outsiders. When Dr. Malloch and I joined Wolfson, as a clergyman I was made a lowly Visiting Scholar; but, coming from his professorial position at Yale, I have little doubt Ted Malloch was offered something much more prestigious – not least, I seem to recall, to procure access to his impressive corporate Rolodex.

All good wishes,

Very Rev Dr. Christopher Hancock

This effort mounted by the FT was nothing short of an attempted political assassination. NB: I am still alive.


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