Report: Overall Immigration Levels Reaching 100-Year High, Rapidly Increasing


Record levels of immigration, both legal and illegal, are at a 100-year high and are still increasing, according to the latest analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Under current projections, the migrant population of America currently stands at 13.5 percent—and will reach 15 percent by 2023.

At a panel event discussing the impact of immigration on America’s public schools, Steven Camarota, the director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, predicted that “the share will hit 15 percent in just six years and that will surpass the all-time high in the United States reached in 1890.”

“In a very real sense, America is headed into unchartered territory on immigration, the share who are immigrants who are foreign born will be at a level we have never seen,” he said.

The figures come at a time when the Trump administration is cracking down on illegal immigration. In January, President Trump called on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to enforce immigration law, directing them to hire thousands of new agents to apprehend illegal aliens, and if necessary, send them back to their country of origin. Illegal border crossings consequently fell by 40 percent in the months of January and February.

Nevertheless, the Trump administration has not yet taken action to reduce the huge flow of legal migration. However, in his February speech to Congress, Trump called for “merit-based,” pro-American immigration reform, which would reduce annual inflows of low-skilled, welfare-dependent migrants, while seeking to increase the inflow of productivity-boosting, white-collar workers.

A report released in 2016 found that unless radical reform is implemented, the U.S foreign-born population could reach 80 million by 2060, making America almost unrecognizable, while wreaking havoc on the nation’s infrastructure and benefitting corporations. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans would likely see a drop in their living standards.

Forecasts for 2017 also predict that one immigrant will be accepted into America every 33 seconds—roughly one additional foreigner for every four American births.

The importing of millions of new immigrants has been a policy generally favored by the Democratic Party, who benefit electorally by shifting demographic trends.

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