TRIPP: Is Hillary Eyeing a 2020 Run?

hillary clinton
Jeff Daly/Invision

In the mere weeks since taking office, President Trump has faced unprecedented and targeted illegal leaks at the highest level of government. There is a highly orchestrated shadow government undermining his every move. The players are out in force and the plan is clear.

This is not whistleblowing by any stretch. It is sabotage. And it is highly coordinated and includes Hillary Clinton, whose sights are firmly set on 2020. Let us recall she wanted nothing more than to run against Donald Trump. A political neophyte who had never held elected office and a reality TV star to boot, he was her dream opponent. An “easy-peasy” win, a favored term of Hillary’s. In fact, leaked emails reported by Breitbart show the Hillary Campaign coordinating with the DNC to elevate this “pied piper” candidate rationalizing he would be the least palatable to the electorate. This walk-in-the-park scenario was her guaranteed ticket to the White House. Finally. In the annals of American history, it will go down as the greatest of grand underestimations.

Hillary will use whatever means necessary to achieve her goal. To that end, and in an unprecedented fashion, she and her cohorts work tirelessly behind the scenes in a highly coordinated effort to delegitimize this president. And it began bright and early in the morning hours of November 9th.

She is not working alone. With the help of thousands of imbedded Obama supporters who occupy federal civil service positions and dogged obstructionists in Congress, a clear pattern emerges. As always, they have the eager help of the mainstream media.

Hillary may have licked her wounds for a short time following her historic defeat, but she has not been idle. Now she is “coming out of the woods”, a veiled reference to her post defeat meeting with a young woman in the woods near her home. It soon became clear it was all contrived, a great photo op to remind us of all things Hillary. An upbeat photo op of a real trooper designed to belie the orchestrated backroom activities.

In an attempt to remain relevant, she schedules speeches across the land. The “Queen of Resist and Persist” is readying herself for 2020. That the democrats might not be inclined to back her is of little concern to her and rightfully so. After all, they installed Nancy Pelosi once again, despite the shellacking her leadership earned. Democrats have not learned a thing from the voters. From Hillary’s age old perspective, the voters exist to be manipulated and she is confident that this time it will work. She has a plan.

As Hillary eyes 2020, she does so with confidence. Again she is underestimating President Trump, and as always, she underestimates American voters. Seen as little more than a fluke, she believes the machinations afoot to undermine him will result in a failed presidency if not impeachment, ensuring smooth sailing to a victory that was always her for the taking.

Many believe she has the help of former President Obama, who himself campaigned vigorously for her, claiming candidate Trump was dangerous and unfit, even staking his own presidential legacy and reputation on her victory The writing was on the wall, and as we learn more about his interest in undermining Trump, it will likely become clear how determined this man actually was.

There is so much that is positively historic about this election and its aftermath. It appears that massive and unprecedented leaks are occurring on a virtually daily basis. Now we are to believe “they” happened to tap the President-Elect and members of his transition team in an “oops” moment, but at the same time found a new way to have that surveillance information disseminated throughout the intelligence community. That had never happened before. After eight years in office but just days before his exit, President Obama took the unusual step of ensuring this was not only possible, but legal. The man had a plan.

There is no “incidentally” in high powered surveillance. There is no “incidental” at the presidential level. Period. And at no time would individuals be unmasked. I believe the “incidental” was the target, and “incidental” was the cover. This had to be approved at the very highest levels of government.

Then there are the unprecedented massive illegal leaks which on a daily basis allow the mainstream media to spin their wheels about every manner of alleged malfeasance with nothing but anonymous leaks and sources to back their stories. It is all of a piece, all designed to delegitimize, in fact paralyze this presidency. There will never be a paper trail. It will be virtually impossible to prove. The media by and large are imbedded participants in this nefarious operation. But it is an organized attack and it is headed by the highest of the high. How do I know this?

In 1998 when Hillary was documented to have said “Get me anything and everything on Linda Tripp”, she meant it. Two political hacks at the Pentagon were more than happy, in fact eager, to oblige. They broke the law, releasing Privacy Act protected information, and in doing so, cemented public perception of my new villain status. I knew both these lackeys well. They were foot soldiers for the White House. They would never have broken the law without a direct order from the White House. That none of it was true was irrelevant. That I had been completely truthful mattered not at all. That I had never broken the law in my life mattered not at all. Blatantly illegal, but it got the job done. The villain in the sordid presidential saga was not Bill Clinton. It was Linda Tripp.

I sued and won. But it was a hollow victory. There was no getting my good name back. And there was no personal punishment for those who broke the law. I was awarded half a million dollars from the government in a lawsuit that went on for years, ultimately proving the orchestrated malfeasance on the part of those in power.

But this settlement was a small price to pay to completely change the dialogue. It created a new villain out of whole cloth and ensured then President Clinton was seen as the merely adulterous and hapless victim of evil perpetrators, not the cruel serial abuser of women or the menacing and quite powerful obstructer of justice he most certainly was. Their reach was significant, even ensuring my case was reassigned from a sympathetic judge to a Clinton appointed judge. In the hands of yet another FOB, it ensured my anticipated win would not amount to much. Job well done.

It is all happening again today, but on an astronomically more elevated scale. Now many imbedded Obama people all across the government, but most specifically in the Intelligence Community, are doing everything in their power to undermine President Trump. Their goal is to incapacitate him. Unprecedented leaks, fake news and accusations litter the airwaves, the mainstream media just as complicit now as they were proven to be during the campaign.

Once again it changes the dialogue and puts the focus precisely where Hillary wants it to be. She can only do this with the committed assistance of the press. As in 1998, members of the press don’t see their job as reporting the news, but unabashedly making the news. Fake or otherwise, it matters not at all. With such a concerted effort , this administration will spend a great deal of time batting down the ridiculous attacks leaving them with significantly less time to focus on the people’s agenda. And that is precisely the point.

There will be investigation upon investigation. Political hacks will lie, others will swear to it. Nothing will ever be definitively proven, but the damage will be done. It is the old “where there is smoke, there is fire” routine, the piling on ensuring that at best this administration is seen as questionable, at worst as lawbreakers worthy of removal. Our lady in waiting, Hillary Clinton, pictures herself poised to rescue the country from this dangerous man.

Nineteen years ago, I had no voice. Objecting to their powerful portrayal of me as a villain was hopelessly futile, akin to protesting in an enormous vacuum. Effectively silenced by those in power, I soon understood the impossibility for a private citizen to be heard above as powerful an entity as the White House. The mighty voices of the Clintons and the mainstream media were deafening, a runaway train plowing down anyone in its way. It resonated all across the land.

It does not have to be that way this time.

If he continues to take his case directly to the American people, President Trump can defeat the powerful conjoined forces that would destroy his presidency. And make no mistake, this is their goal.

The illegal leakers must be rooted out and fired. In government, everyone spies on everyone else, so this can be done. These people have committed felonies and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those who incidentally spied on the Trump transition should be held to account. And as to the Fourth Estate, many more outlets exist than giants such as NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS or the Washington Post and the New York Times. He owes these outlets nothing but the routine White House access to which they are entitled.

Continued outreach to alternative and local news outlets and regular forays into the country to address large groups of Americans will allow his agenda to “trump” the media who seek to destroy him. He can quite literally eradicate the nasty filter of those who have proven their allegiance not to the truth, but to a partisan agenda. It will render them irrelevant.

Many members of the media obsess on “the Russians” to the exclusion of virtually anything else. They want, in fact need, a Russia-Trump connection and if there is not one, they will invent one. Recall if you can what level of coverage existed about the questionable deal that sold about 20% of our Uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State. Or those same uranium investors who then funneled $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Or about the $500,000 speech Bill Clinton gave in Moscow. Recall how much interest was shown when it was learned that members of her presidential campaign met “with the Russians”. None of this speaks to the media point of view so it is swept under the rug. If they don’t report it, it didn’t happen. But this is only one prong of the full frontal attack.

The imbedded Obama careerists are sabotaging their own President for political gain. The incidental spying is strongly related as well. The behind the scenes machinations coordinated by Hillary play a large part in achieving her ultimate goal. Her rise, his fall.

Taken together, it is frighteningly reminiscent of the Soviet Union. The nefarious and widely orchestrated campaign against the President by members of his own government is straight out of a Soviet spy novel. As is the KGB-like surveillance of a political opponent, incidental or otherwise in our country. And history reminds us of the Mother of all Fake news, their massive propaganda machine. It ensured news was what they chose it to be, literally defining Soviet Russia for so many years. We are perilously close to that today. In America. President Trump has a voice. He must never stop using it.

Linda Tripp worked in both the Bill Clinton administration and the George H.W. Bush White House. Under Bush, she served as executive assistant to the deputy chief of staff to the president. During the Clinton administration, she first served as support staff to the Immediate Office of the President, where she sat just outside the Oval Office. After three months, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster asked Tripp to work for the White House Counsel’s office as executive assistant to White House Counsel Bernie Nussbaum, who played a lead role in defending the Clintons in their infamous scandals.


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