School Shooting Team Photographed with Guns Barred from Yearbook

The shooting team at Big Lake High School in Big Lake, MN, will not be included in their school’s yearbook because their photo shows them holding guns.
Screenshot/ABC 5

The shooting team at Big Lake High School in Big Lake, Minnesota, will not be included in the school’s yearbook because the team members are holding guns in the photograph.

Parents of the shooting team members are incredulous that the photo was rejected.

All 60 team members were photographed on one knee with a shotgun by their side.

According to CBS Minnesota, Rick Anderson, a parent whose son is on the shooting team, said, “Just because there’s a gun involved doesn’t make it a dangerous sport and they’re not criminals.” Anderson added, “I think [political] correctness has gone way overboard. I don’t know how else to put it.”

Derek Birdsall said even parents without a son or daughter on the shooting team think the prohibition is ridiculous. He told ABC 5, “[The shooting team] is a school-sanctioned activity. It’s not like the kids are doing anything with it. They are literally just holding a gun.”

Superintendent Steve Westerberg admitted that parents have been pushing to have a photograph of the shooting team included in the yearbook but said the school’s student handbook “doesn’t allow firearms or weapons to be displayed.” He said the rule on displaying firearms “has been in affect [sic] since the school started sponsoring a Trap Shooting Team a couple years ago.”

Birdsall views the ban as silly. He said the shotguns are “what you use in the sport. It’s just natural.”

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