Tea Party Activists: Media Attacks on President Trump ‘An All Out Assault on Our Republic’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally organized by Tea Party Pa
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Tea Party activists across the country tell Breitbart News the mainstream media, with help from “Deep State” bureaucrats, is doing the work of the Democratic Party in an effort to undermine the political agenda of Donald Trump, the duly elected President of the United States.

“This is an all out assault on our Republic by the media, ” Joe Dugan, Founder and Executive Producer of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, tells Breitbart News. He added:

What started as pathetic partisan pouting when the totally biased press, pundits and prognosticators failed, so miserably, to forecast the election results and comprehend how absolutely fed up the American voters truly are with corruption in the swamp. Now that they have taken it to an even higher level, affecting foreign opinions and possible dangerous violations of our national security by the media, criminal prosecution may be warranted.

“The whole liberal press and insider leaks thing with President Trump is absurd and disgusting. It is so obvious that the D.C. swamp rats are working overtime to tarnish this great man, ” long-time Montana Tea Party activist Eric Olsen tells Breitbart News.

“The constant drumbeat of leaks and innuendo by the press, including the supposed memo from Comey reported on by the New York Times, suggests a far more sinister problem in our government,” Mark Skoda, a long-time Tennessee Tea Party activist and Chairman and Founder of the America First Federation tells Breitbart News, adding:

First, had Comey indeed believed Trump was attempting to obstruct justice, he should have reported it and directly taken action through the Justice Department. Secondly, as he had not done so, as indicated by “colleagues” within the FBI who leaked the memo, Comey himself may have committed a crime. Third, the continued leaks out of the White House by existing and former staff reflect a real problem with the deep state. One that can only be dealt with by Trump terminating every political appointee and taking bold actions around his agenda.

On March 4, Skoda organized a rally in Nashville supporting President Trump, the largest among dozens of Spirit of America rallies held around the country that day.

Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of Portage County TEA Party in Ohio tells Breitbart News:

The vast majority of working class Americans, on both sides of the political spectrum, thought Comey should have been fired long ago for not treating Hillary Clinton the way the FBI would have treated each of us. We’re not stupid. We understand that it is Comey who committed a crime if he did not report immediately if Trump asked him not to investigate Flynn.

“We understand that it is the media and the DC Insiders who committed a crime when they disclosed the name of the city where or ISIS informant is located when Trump didn’t even have that information,” Zawistoski said, adding:

This charade in Washington with demands for investigations, and even special prosecutors, with no evidence, while at the same time ignoring provable federal crimes like unmasking US citizens for political reasons and leaking classified information to the media only proves their lack of credibility. So why pay attention? No one believes a word of what the media says or what any Democrat says. It is simply all made up with one goal and that is to undermine our election process and bring down our federal government. Now that is the crime we would like to see Congress and the FBI investigating.

“These same media minions didn’t hyperventilate when Obama was caught promising flexibility on a hot mic. They ignored it,” one long-time Tea Party activist tells Breitbart News. He went on:

Comey is simply a disgruntled former government employee trying to be a hero for his Democrat buddies, and most likely looking for a book deal. If he was so concerned about alleged POTUS pressure to stop the investigation he should have brought it to Congress after dinner. I guess he never shared this little tidbit with his Deputy, McCabe. He continues to prove to the American people he has no credibility.

Dan Schultz an attorney, Tea Party activist, and long-time Arizona Republican Party precinct committeeman tells Breitbart News:

I try not to waste my time on fake news peddled by fake American fake reporters. Conservative Republicans can better use their time and energy helping President Trump achieve his political goals by filling up, with their warm bodies, the approximately two hundred thousand vacant Republican Party precinct committeeman positions within the Party’s governing apparatus.

The Tea Party activists had a great deal more to tell Breitbart News about how the media, the Democratic party, and the “Deep State” bureaucrats are trying to bring down the duly elected President of the United States through means that are clearly undemocratic.

“The shock of President Trump’s election victory by everyday Americans so blindsided the press that they threw any loyalty to truth and long lost standards of journalism out the window. They then resorted to publishing any and all uncorroborated allegations that they deemed could cast the President in an unfavorable light,” South Carolina’s Dugan says, adding:

The lack of respect and even civility, towards the President of the United States might be excused if it were from a sworn enemy bent on the destruction of our nation, but is totally inexcusable, contemptible and unforgivable from a free press that has some obligation to veracity along with that freedom.

Journalism, for the most part has died in this country and I fail to see why, going forward, the President has any obligation to even speak to the propaganda machine that has replaced it. I believe President Trump should speak directly to the American people, on a regular basis and let them choose whether to believe their own ears or the agenda of someone who happens to voice personal opinions of what the President said.

As for myself, I shall turn on the media only to hear our duly elected Commander-In-Chief and then turn it off, to form my own opinions, when he is finished. Those authors who have the character and honesty to report the truth will continue to hold an audience while those who try to sell opinion as fact, will not.

The American press and it’s Progressive allies, that have participated in this charade of distortion and deception, have lost the trust and credibility of the voting public.

“As Founder of Montana Shrugged and Montana President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, I am worried for America and its Founding Principles given to us in our Constitution. Every day false news reports and leaks hound our duly elected President Trump. These distractions keep him from continuing his work on behalf to the citizens of the United States, ” Montana’s Olsen tells Breitbart News.

“This dangerous game by the media needs to end. The people of the United States deserve better,” Olsen concludes.

President Trump “needs to go to the people through Twitter and rallies as well as prime time addresses and ignore the press. The nation is split and the left has shown its propensity to use lies, violence and anarchy to negate the will of the people through the 2016 election,” America First Federation’s Skoda says.

“I believe President Trump recognizes this and he should know we have his back. Comey’s firing was long overdue, the Russians didn’t hack the election and the main stream media is indeed the enemy of the people,” Skoda concludes.


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