David Frum Apologizes for Joke About Murdered Newtown Children

Murdered Children Newtown Reuters

On June 21 David Frum apologized for referencing murdered Newtown children in reacting to pro-Second Amendment news following the Alexandria attack.

Frum reacted to Charles Cooke’s assessment that the FBI undercut gun control arguments via the Bureau’s June 21 press release on the Alexandria attack. Frum responded with a number of tweets, one of which said, “The chop-logic denial of the connection between the developed world’s laxest gun laws-and worst gun violence-just seems such a waste of time.”

Frum followed that tweet with another, which referenced the murdered Newtown children:

Two hours later–amid a backlash for his flippant reference to murdered children–Frum apologized:

But it is impossible to miss the fact that the FBI release on the Alexandria attack undercuts gun controllers who consistently present background checks as a way to reduce crime and/or keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. Breitbart News reported that the FBI release showed the Alexandria attacker had two guns on his person at the time of the attack and he passed a background check for each of them. 

The Sandy Hook Elementary attacker did not pass a background check, and that is because he stole his guns and killed the owner of the guns before going to the school to kill the children Frum referenced.

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