Exclusive-Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs: Grant’s Law ‘Common Sense’, Deport Criminal Aliens

Rep. Andy Biggs
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Freshman Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ 5th District) spoke exclusively with Breitbart News on Monday to discuss the passage of Grant’s Law, one of several immigration law enforcement bills facing Congress this week.

Biggs called Grant’s Law a “common sense measure,” and said, “We are talking about people who we know are criminally violent.”

The emphasis, according to Biggs, is keeping illegal aliens that are criminally violent in custody until they’re out of the country.

“If you really want to save lives and protect people, this is the way to do it,” said Biggs.

Asked about how this would affect the enforcement of immigration laws already on the books, Biggs replied that this bill “provides a reinforcement … a stronger statement” with the addition of a few more crimes.

“It’s hard to believe that you have to pass laws saying, let’s follow the law, but that’s what’s happened in the illegal immigration arena,” said Biggs. He added that you never know who the next administration will be or what will happen with “internal enforcement.”

He described the bill briefly:

Everybody in America agrees that someone who is criminally violent should not be released on the streets of America so they can continue causing mayhem and this bill is designed to keep people in custody until we can get them deported. No more catch and release.

Asked about how the bill applies to sanctuary cities, Biggs replied that it is focused on federal agents and officers, saying, “Grant’s Law has been enmeshed with Sarah’s Law and the anti-sanctuary city bill of Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s.”

Biggs was confident that the bill would pass through the House but was unsure about clearing the next hurdle of passing the bill in the U.S. Senate where Republicans hold a much more narrow majority. Biggs did, however, express hope that the bill would garner support from both sides of the aisle. He said they would deal with the issue of passing the bill through the Senate when the bill heads over there.

Grant’s father Steve Ronnebeck told Breitbart News, concerning this week’s vote on Grant’s Law:

I am deeply grateful to Congressman Biggs and retired Congressman Salmon for getting Grant’s Law to become a reality. I am hoping and praying that our lawmakers have the wisdom to pass it through the first hurdle.

In 2015, Ronnebeck recounted for Breitbart News the story of his son’s murder. A Mexican cartel, “executed my son,” Ronnebeck said. “A man came in and wanted to buy cigarettes, dumped some change out on the counter and Grant wasn’t counting the change fast enough.

“The man pulled a gun, Grant offered up the cigarettes and the man executed him, shooting him in the face. Stepped over his body, grabbed two more packs of cigarettes and fled.”

Biggs told Breitbart News that he believes there are enough votes to pass Grant’s Law this week. Biggs reintroduced the bill that was originally introduced by now-former Congressman Matt Salmon.

Biggs said he has worked with both Ronnebeck and another Arizona Angel parent, Mary Ann Mendoza, as he seeks to see Grant’s Law passed into law.

Several bills relating to enforcement of immigration law are facing votes in Congress, including the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, Kate’s Law, Grant’s Law and Sarah’s Law.

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