Survey: Republicans Are More Generous Tippers than Democrats

Tipping Fox Business
Fox Business

Restaurant servers take note: Republican customers may be more likely to leave a bigger tip than Democrats.

A survey from released Monday shows that Republican males who live in the Northeast are more likely to leave a generous tip than Southern Democrats, according to Fox Business.

Princeton Survey Research Associates International, the firm which conducted the survey for, found that Republican males from the Northeast gave tips amounting to 20 percent of the bill when dining out, while Democrats from the South of both sexes tipped 15 percent on average.

Women also tended to be stingy tippers in the survey, giving tips amounting to 16 percent of a restaurant bill.

“When it comes to generous tipping, Republicans definitely beat Democrats. Fifty-nine percent of Republicans say their typical restaurant tip exceeds 15 percent, while just 46 percent of Democrats say the same,” said Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at

“Democrats are also more likely than their GOP counterparts to say that they never tip hotel housekeepers, hair stylists/barbers and coffee shop baristas,” Schulz added.

Schulz stressed, however, that a person’s tipping habits are linked more to personal income than other factors such as political affiliation, sex, or geographical location.

“There are other factors, but generally, the more money you have, the more likely you are to leave a little extra on the table at the end of the night,” he said.

For those who are more likely to leave a tip, the ride-hailing service Uber rolled out tipping on its app in June in select locations. The tipping feature is expected to be rolled out nationwide by the end of July.

Some restaurants, such as Danny Meyer’s group of restaurants in New York City, say that they want to end the practice of tipping altogether.


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