EXCLUSIVE – Anthony Scaramucci: Breitbart ‘Captured the Spirit’ of America

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Newly appointed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci spoke exclusively with Breitbart News Political Editor Matthew Boyle to discuss his new job.

“I think that one of the things that Breitbart has done has captured the spirit of what is actually going on in this country,” Scaramucci said in an interview on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125.

As a former Wall Street financier, Scaramucci explained that he spent time during the campaign connecting directly with President Donald Trump’s supporters, realizing that they were just like his friends and neighbors in Long Island, NY, where he grew up.

“It was the president that showed me, who grew up in a middle-class area like that, what was going on in my own hometown,” he said.

Scaramucci discussed the challenges in his new job, including the ongoing fight against fake news in the mainstream media. He reminded Trump supporters that it was possible to go beyond the mainstream media as they did during the campaign.

“We’re having a rough time with the mainstream media, but last time I checked during the campaign we were having a rough time with the mainstream media and the people see through it,” he said.

Scaramucci publicly thanked Breitbart News for helping expose fake news stories like the CNN story about him that was ultimately retracted.

Part of his strategy, he explained, was to tighten up an “unfiltered message” that would “penetrate through that shell” of the media. He also said he would work with the media to “deescalate” the relationship and treat the administration fairly.

“You can look at it objectively, frankly, and see that it isn’t fair right now,” Scaramucci said.

He said the administration would continue to fight to fulfill the president’s campaign promises, including major initiatives on tax reform, health care, and border security.

“We have a list of campaign promises that are up on Steve Bannon’s wall and we’re going right through those campaign promises and so that we can tell the American people that we are citizen politicians … we’re not career politicians or establishment players that just want to sit in Washington and milk the system,” he said.


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