CNN’s Ana Navarro: Trump Immigration Plan ‘Racist’

Ana Navarro

CNN’s “Republican” pundit Ana Navarro said President Donald Trump’s new immigration proposal that aims to lessen the downward pressure on wages and help working-class Americans of all backgrounds is “racist.”

Incensed at Trump’s RAISE Act proposal that would consider an applicant’s English skills as one of many factors in a point system, Navarro told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week that Trump’s immigration proposal is another “wedge issue that’s being fabricated by the Trump administration for the purpose of keeping his base happy.”

“It is absolutely racist to award a point system,” she said, adding that she probably would not have been allowed to enter the United States under a point-based immigration system.

She then told Chris Cuomo that she had “absolutely no qualms or problems saying that I think this policy is pedaling to racism.” According to Breitbart’s John Carney’s analysis, Trump’s proposal would make working-class Americans wealthier because “the gross domestic product per U.S. resident would grow.”

“That’s what he’s done during his entire campaign,” she added later. “That’s what he did when he called Mexican rapists. That’s what he did when he called for the Muslim ban. That’s what he does. He pits one group of Americans against each other in order to make himself feel bigger and in order to appease his base.”

Cuomo and Navarro, both of whom are apparently unaware of the debate between whether immigrants should adopt “melting pot” assimilation or “salad bowl” separatism, seemed to take offense that pro-assimilationist Americans would rather have immigrants assimilate than become “hyphenated” Americans who embrace “salad bowl” separatism.

Legendary political operative Roger Stone again had some choice words for Navarro:



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