Coulter: Trump’s Luther Strange Endorsement ‘Completely Idiotic’; He Forgave Haley, Perry — Why Not Mo Brooks?

Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter delivers remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Marriott Wardman Park February 10, 2012 in Washington, DC. Thousands of conservative activists are attending the annual gathering in the nation's capital. (Photo by
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President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) may sway some Alabama voters, but one of Trump’s biggest supporters says the endorsement was “completely idiotic.”

“I love him, but that was completely idiotic,” Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” wrote in an email to Breitbart News on Wednesday.

“What has Trump gotten from McConnell?” she continued. “But he’s still sucking up to establishment Republicans.”

According to Coulter, if Trump could forgive Nikki Haley and Rick Perry, both of whom were critical of Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, he should offer that same forgiveness to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), one of Strange’s opponent in next week’s U.S. Senate special election GOP primary in Alabama. Brooks was also critical of Trump during the campaign.

“If Trump can forgive that daft woman Nikki Haley for dedicating her entire 2016 response to the [State of the Union address] to attacking Trump, by making her UN rep — and he can forgive Rick Perry for calling him a ‘cancer on conservatism’ by making him ENERGY SECRETARY, I think he can forgive Mo Brooks for calling him a ‘serial adulterer’ back during the primaries,” she explained. “Unlike Perry and Haley, Brooks never attacked Trump on policy. Why? Because he agrees with Trump!  He’d make it a grand total of three senators on Trump’s side.”

Coulter added that if Brooks were elected, the total number of senators she could trust on immigration would increase, to three out of 100.

“I can count on one hand the number of politicians I trust on immigration and Mo Brooks is one of them. Sens. Cotton and Perdue can’t be Trump’s only allies in the senate.  I just hope Alabamians know Mo Brooks’ record — and also Mitch McConnell’s record,” she wrote

Trump endorsed Strange on Tuesday, which may have solidified a spot for Strange in what is likely to be a GOP primary runoff scheduled for next month.

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