Donald Trump Hits Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for Debt Ceiling ‘Mess’

debt ceiling
REUTERS/Mark Makela

President Donald Trump criticized Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan as Congress faces another round of debt ceiling politics.

Trump revealed that he requested both leaders to put the debt ceiling legislation into the Veterans Affairs Bill so that it would pass easily, but said they didn’t listen.

“They didn’t do it so now we have a big deal with Dems holding them up (as usual) on Debt Ceiling approval,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Could have been so easy-now a mess!”

McConnell said in a speech on Monday that there was “zero chance” that Congress would fail to raise the debt ceiling.

“America’s not going to default,” he said. “And we’ll get the job done in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury.”

Trump’s remarks on Twitter followed a White House statement of unity with McConnell on their shared agenda on Wednesday.

“President Donald J. Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell remain united on many shared priorities,” a statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read.

But Trump still appeared frustrated primarily with McConnell’s failure on Obamacare.

“The only problem I have with Mitch McConnell is that, after hearing Repeal & Replace for 7 years, he failed!” he wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. “That should NEVER have happened!”



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