Newt Gingrich Launches Video Series to Combat Leftist Revisionism

newt gingrich
AP/Alex Brandon

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich launched a new online video history course Thursday called Defending America designed to counter politically correct revisionism and the left’s increasing stranglehold on education.

Created as a partnership between Gingrich’s own firm and multi-media production house Red Seat Ventures, the bestselling author and one-time presidential candidate described the series saying, “Defending America is my effort to arm patriotic Americans with the facts and arguments they need to defeat the left’s attempt to fundamentally transform this country.”

Outlining the origins of his new course, Gingrich discussed the ongoing iconoclasm of the aspects in American history some find unsavory. This long-running campaign has come to include not only Confederate monuments but the memory of the founding fathers and other staples of traditional American understandings of history.

“We were really directly affected by the increasing radicalism of the academic left and the insanity of some of these attacks and the arguments behind them,” Gingrich told Brietbart News, continuing:

When you’re talking about Washington or Jefferson, who are literally the people who actually thought and through created the very freedoms that you and I enjoy today, and to describe them the way people on the left describe them is just insane. It’s factually false. It shows you an anti-American bias. We need to have people who have the courage to stand up and say, “Look that’s anti-American, you can certainly believe it, but don’t kid yourself that you reflect America in any way.”

The six announced episodes are “Defending America from the Multicultural Disaster,” “Defending a Faith-Based America from the Secular, Atheist Tyranny of the Left,” “Defending Work as the Basis of Freedom and Opportunity from the Dependency, Welfare Bureaucratic State Tyranny of the Left,” “Defending Free Speech from Leftwing Censors and Thought Police,” “Defending Americans’ Right to Protect Themselves from the Gun Confiscation, Helpless Citizen model of the Dictatorial Left,”and “Defending ‘We the People’ From Oppressive, Self-Serving Bureaucrats.” Each video will be accompanied by a study guide.

Courses begin September 14. They are available at a 20 percent discount until that date and pre-registrants will be able to participate in a question and answer session with Gingrich himself.

“This course works, we’ll probably add additional lessons in the future,” Gingrich told Breitbart News, “but we thought this is a pretty good test of whether there is interest in the facts and the history and the arguments, and the stories that help you explain to your friends and neighbors what America is all about.”


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