Roy Moore Victory Signals Widespread Support for Immigration-Cutting RAISE Act

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As anti-establishment Judge Roy Moore takes victory over Republican establishment-backed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in the Alabama Senate GOP primary, the establishment upset signals voters’ support for a plan to cut legal immigration levels to aid American workers.

Moore, who was opposed by the pro-amnesty, pro-immigration U.S. Chamber of Commerce, repeatedly touted his support for Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue’s (R-GA) RAISE Act, which would cut legal immigration in half.

In a debate against Strange before the Alabama primary, Moore said he adamantly opposed amnesty for illegal aliens shielded by the Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) program, saying the foreign nationals should be deported and then, if they qualify, allowed to re-enter the U.S. through the strict guidelines of the RAISE Act.

“I think we can take care of DACA very easily,” Moore said, as Breitbart News reported. “By turning them to the RAISE Act. Pass the RAISE Act in Congress … then we can let [in] the most qualified. A lot of the people on DACA simply aren’t qualified. They haven’t been asked the questions about their entry and where they stand on things. It’s been family-oriented.”

“I support firmly the RAISE Act and I think it should be acted on by Congress and the sooner the better,” Moore said.

Moore’s endorsement of the RAISE Act and opposition to amnesty for DACA recipients proved to be incredibly popular with Alabama voters, as the Judge won the primary with nearly a 10-point lead over Strange’s softer positions on illegal and legal immigration.

Under Cotton’s RAISE Act, American workers would be given relief after four decades of having to compete with massive influxes of legal immigration.

The plan includes:

  • Reducing the number of Green Cards given out every year from about one million to 500,000
  • Prioritizing immediate family households, thus ending extended family chain migration to the U.S.
  • Creating a visa program for U.S. citizens to bring elderly parents to the U.S. for caretaking purposes
  • Eliminating the diversity visa lottery, where 50,000 visas are “arbitrarily allocated” every year
  • Capping permanent U.S. refugees resettlement to 50,000 migrants per year

Moore’s hard-line immigration stances echo former Senator Jeff Sessions – now Attorney General – who’s seat he will now go head-to-head with against Democrat Doug Jones. Sessions is often considered one of the founding fathers of the populist, economic nationalist movement now headed by President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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