Gun Store Manager: Vegas Attacker Passed Background Check for Three Firearms

In this July 20, 2014 photo, with guns displayed for sale behind her, a gun store employee
AP/Brennan Linsley

The manager of Guns & Guitars in Mesquite, Nevada, says the Las Vegas attacker bought three guns at his store within the past 12 months and passed a background check for the firearms.

The manager–Christopher Sullivan–said the attacker bought “a handgun and two rifles.”

According to the New York Times, Sullivan said the attacker “does not have a criminal history.” Moreover, he said the attacker conducted himself like “a normal fellow, a normal guy.”

Elizabeth Sanders tweeted a statement issued by Guns & Guitars, which said:

It should be noted that background checks on retail firearm purchases require a federal background check on the purchaser. That check is conducted by the FBI.

When the left pushes for background checks after an attack, it is easy to get the impression that there are no background checks. However, the United States has had background checks since 1998 and they are the preferred means for acquiring guns if an individual has criminal intention but no criminal history. In fact, Gabby Giffords–one of the most prominent background check proponents of our day–was shot with a gun that was acquired via a background check shortly before she was attacked.

The investigation into the Las Vegas attack is ongoing, and sources for other guns possessed by the attacker have yet to be revealed. However, the fact that he passed a check to acquire firearms from Guns & Guitars means FBI personnel conducting background checks found no reason to prevent him from purchasing a gun.

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