Donald Trump: I Killed Obamacare ‘Gravy Train’ for Insurance Companies

AP/Andrew Harnik

President Donald Trump revealed that health insurance companies were scrambling to respond to his decision to end subsidies for Obamacare.

“Republicans are meeting with Democrats because of what I did with the CSRs because I cut off the gravy train,” Trump said.

The president said representatives for healthcare companies were having “emergency meetings” with Republicans and Democrats to find a short-term solution to health care.

“Obamacare is finished, it’s dead, it’s gone. You shouldn’t even mention it anymore,” he said. “There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore.”

Trump ended the Cost Sharing Reduction payments to the insurance industry, prompting widespread anger from supporters of President Obama’s signature health care plan. He added he long believed that Obamacare could have never worked, and that Republicans should move quickly to come up with a plan to replace it.

He said he was supportive of the idea for the federal government to issue “block grants” to the states, supporting the idea of giving more power to the states.

Trump appeared confident that Republicans could come together to pass an Obamacare replacement under the next budget reconciliation period in March or April by next year.


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