Journalist Admits Hillary Clinton Gets Soft Book Tour Interview Because ‘She’s Been Through Enough’

Hillary Clinton with memoir about 2016 election loss to Donald Trump, "What Happened"

An Australian journalist who interviewed Hillary Clinton as part of her book promotion tour admitted she gave the failed presidential candidate an easy ride because “she’s been through enough.”

Sarah Ferguson, an employee of the state-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), met Mrs. Clinton in New York to cover the newly-released book What Happened. In the course of their friendly discussion, the two covered a wide range of issues including the current state of U.S. politics and President Donald Trump’s performance.

Ferguson also allowed Mrs. Clinton to vent about the forces she says blocked her gilded path to the White House – not just presidential rival Donald Trump, but Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks.

When asked about her silence before the angry, bewildered Mrs. Clinton,  Ferguson made the startling admission that she took pity on her subject.

“I reckon she’s been through enough,” she said on WSFM when challenged on whether the pair discussed Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

“You know it’s a very interesting relationship. It’s a very interesting marriage, but I don’t think every time she sits in a chair she needs to be asked about her husband.”

Earlier in the same interview,  Ferguson did mention Bill’s opposition to What Happened, and his desire to change Hillary’s schedule at the end of her campaign.

As for Mrs. Clinton’s citing of Julian Assange as a barrier to her taking the prize of president, he described himself as an “Australian political refugee” and hit back at Mrs. Clinton’s claims in the interview. Assange tweeted:

Assange also called Clinton a “notorious liar” and her statements “defamatory”, disputing her claims about the timing of WikiLeaks releases during the election.

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