Kassam: Fear-Based Latino Victory Ad is a Reflection of CNN’s America, Not Trump’s


“We are the future,” is the slogan of the hard-left Latino Victory Fund, a group which has dumped cash on creating a fear-mongering advertisement ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial elections next week.

The advert screams the same, depicting — perhaps to their ideal — a Virginia without a white kid in sight.

What is in sight however, is CNN’s America — a place where ethnic minority background children feel the need to run away from a pick-up truck with a Gadsden Flag on its licence plate, an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker, and a Confederate Flag waving from the trailer.

CNN’s America is a place of fear. A place where American history is remembered only for its darkest hours — and revised at the same time. A place where the famous “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan is no longer synonymous with victory over foreign oppressors, but instead — inexplicably — reflects a terror aimed at the hearts of migrant communities. A place where putting the bumper sticker of even the most establishment Republican on your car means you are likely to hop a curb and mow down some civilians.


Of course it’s not the America we know, but perhaps the only American where Democrats and their media allies feel they have a chance to win. So they need to create it, and project their fantasies into people’s homes to scare them into voting left.

This is the work of a group — the Latino Victory Fund — the board members of which include former Hillary Clinton campaigners, fundraisers, and Democrat National Committee officials. It’s a group whose own ‘National Committee’ includes former Wall Street hot shots, Obama White House staffers, Silicon Valley big wigs, and even Hollywood celebrities. It is the perfect microcosm of the political left.

And what does it choose to do just one week before a major election in Virginia — a place where most of these people have scarcely ever explored?

It capitalises upon the Charlottesville incident of course. Never waste a crisis, or in this instance, a tragedy.

The depiction of a truck with a Confederate flag chasing down minority-background kids is meant to evoke memories of the death of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old paralegal killed by Nazi sympathiser James Alex Fields Jr. Heyer wasn’t a minority-background child, but left-wing artistic licence never let facts stand in the way of their political ends.

(The same, by the way, can be said of the lack of affinity the Unite the Right protesters would have with Ed Gillespie, or even how much a Gadsden flag waver would have with Ed Gillespie, and probably vice versa).

Instead, we are treated to a young Hispanic boy, a hijab-clad girl, a young Black man, and an Asian child running from a fictitious, dream-sequence white guy in black shades and a baseball cap. The scene closes with tiki torch-wielding ‘Unite the Right’ rally attendees, and the ominous narration: “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American Dream”?

It would be risible were it not so insidious. The answer is patently, manifestly, “No”. But it requires a further response: “This is CNN’s America”.

Not content with the fractious nature of American politics epitomised by Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Barack Obama, or by a long-standing delegitimisation campaign against President Trump, the establishment media and its allies like the Latino Victory Fund have now sunk to the equivalent of Simpson’s character Helen Lovejoy’s hysterical screeches: “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!” 

If children of any background in America are afraid, it is because of the establishment media.

If parents feel fear when they see Gadsden flags, it is because of the Democrats and their Soros-backed street thugs.

If Virginia voters are intimidated by white men in trucks, Confederate flags or not, it is because of the Latino Victory Fund and its strap-line which amounts to nothing less than a demographic threat: “We are the future”.

Actually, they’ve been the future. In government, in culture, and in the media. And this is the America we have as a result of it.

Raheem Kassam is the editor in chief of Breitbart London


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