Eric Bolling Warns the Establishment to Get With the Anti-Globalist, America-First Agenda

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Appearing on Sirius radio’s Breitbart News, Saturday, former Fox News host Eric Bolling said it was time to shut down the useless Russia investigation, warned the establishment to get with the “anti-globalist, America-first agenda” that Americans voted for with President Donald Trump, proclaimed that the opioid crisis is “destroying a whole culture,” and thanked Americans for their emotional support after the loss of his son.

Bolling first told Breitbart host Matt Boyle that his separation from Fox News was “amicable,” and said that perhaps by the first of the year he would be ready to report on his plans for the future. But, conversation quickly turned to the claims of former Democrat National Committee chief Donna Brazile who has a new book revealing that the Clintons essentially bought and paid for the party to get Hillary nominated for president.

“Isn’t it convenient, though, that she does it when she releases her book?” Bolling said of Brazile’s accusations. “I mean, where’s Donna Brazile been for the last 18 months when we were talking about this? We were talking about this during the general election when she was involved with getting Hillary Clinton some of the debate questions in advance, where was that, where’s that admission?”

Bolling went on to say that if he were a Democrat he would wonder why the Department of Justice wasn’t investigating Brazile’s claims.

“They need to stop with the Russia investigation already, I mean it’s been how many months, six, eight, ten months, now, that they’ve been involved in this? It’s time to put an expiration date on that investigation and say, ‘OK, we didn’t find any collusion, it’s time to move on.’ And lets go find out what [the Democrats] did because what they did could be highly illegal. In other words, what the Clinton campaign did is they got in bed with the DNC [Democrat National Committee] prior to the primary and said “we’re going to joint fundraise.” And what that means with a wink and a nod and maybe some emails is that “we’re gonna basically be the DNC going forward,” and if I were a Bernie supporter, a BernieBro, I’d be up in arms requesting massive investigations by the Department of Justice.”

Bolling also dismissed the importance to Trump’s campaign of George Papadopoulos, the man indicted last week by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I know the president and I’ve been to the Oval Office and I know all the senior advisers and family and I’d never heard [George Papadopoulos’] name,” Bolling said. “And when that name popped up I was like, ‘Papawho, Papadopoulos?’ Never once had I heard his name.”

Bolling added that you can’t blame the president for the actions of some low-level, bandwagon-jumper like Papadopoulos.

“You can’t blame the campaign, the candidate, or the president for some low-level guy who is just trying to leech onto something that obviously was going to be a presidency,” he said.

Bolling also said that he thinks that if the campaign knew what Manafort may have done a decade before he had joined team Trump, he probably wouldn’t have been brought on in the first place.

Next, Bolling said that Breitbart’s own Steve Bannon is “100 percent right” that the establishment is “running scared.”

“Bannon’s right, he’s got these establishment figures on the ropes, right now. And Jeff Flake writing the anti-Trump book was, I think, his undoing. What in the world are you thinking, you’re about to go into a Senate race, and you’re going to write an anti-Trump… why would you alienate half your potential voters? In Arizona Donald Trump is very strong and very popular in Arizona. It’s insane to do something like that, but he bought into the establishment wing of the party and he thought they were never going to be touchable and he was wrong. Steve Bannon is proving that they’re a part of the swamp, you know. I mean, you talk about the swamp, it’s not just the other side, it’s not just liberals and lobbyists and people who are just siphoning off the political machine financially, morally, and ethically, and everything, but, establishment.”

Bolling reminded the audience that Donald Trump is different and not part of “the swamp” in Washington D.C.

“When Donald Trump came along, I’ll never forget this because I was there from day one, I was getting my butt kicked by even right-wingers who were saying I was crazy, but I said no, Donald Trump is different. He is going to eliminate the swamp, he’s going to drain the swamp. And by the way, going down that drain are establishment types, and Bannon is right, he has got McConnell on the ropes, he’s got a couple of big names on the ropes, who have to really kind of look to say, “Hey either I’m going to get in line with what the American people voted for. They voted for anti-globalist, America-first agenda, well that’s what they’re gonna get. They’re gonna get it one way or the other, so the establishment types that want to stay on better get in line with that same anti-globalist, America-first agenda.

Bolling closed his segment addressing the opioid crisis that took his own son.

“Opioids are destroying a whole culture,” Bolling said. “I mean, it’s insane how strong some of these things are. Now our son passed and he had some of this Fentanyl in his system which is insanely strong, it’s like 100 times stronger than any other opioids around and he didn’t even know what was in it, he didn’t know what he was taking and he was an accidental death from that. And doctors are over prescribing, there’s some imports coming in from certain parts of the world that just need to be shut down. Opioids are killing youth, and sometimes not even youth.”

Bolling concluded thanking those who offered him and his family their heartfelt condolences on the loss of his son. “The outpouring of emotion from people has just been incredible,” Bolling said.

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