Kris Kobach on McConnell’s DACA Amnesty ‘Compromise’: He’s Doing the Worst Possible Thing

Jacquelyn Martin/AP
Washington, D.C.

Kansas Secretary of State and candidate for governor Kris Kobach says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to compromise by giving amnesty to upwards of 3.3 million illegal aliens – who are shielded or eligible by an Obama-created program – would be “the worst possible thing” he could do.

In an interview with Breitbart News Daily, Kobach slammed McConnell’s admission that he and the Republican establishment would be willing to work with Democrats, the open borders and cheap labor industry, and the big business lobby on giving amnesty to illegal aliens covered or eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“The way McConnell structures it, he says ‘Yeah, I think we can give, we can give over this bargaining chip’ — you know, which is an amnesty, which is horribly bad policy for the United States — ‘And maybe we’ll take some little pittance in return’ and he’s basically saying, you know, maybe getting rid of the Diversity Visa Lottery,” Kobach said.

“Well obviously we should get rid of that,” Kobach said. “But that could stand on its own. You could write a bill today to get rid of it, you’d get enough Democrats to vote for it, and I assume every Republican would vote for it. He’s essentially doing the worst possible thing in saying, ‘Yeah, we Republicans are open to an amnesty and yeah, we’re not going to demand much in return.'”

“First of all, we should not be open to an amnesty. But if under some extraordinary circumstance an amnesty were on the table, you wouldn’t give it away for just ending the Diversity Visa Lottery,” Kobach said. “It would have to be every single thing we who believe in the enforcement of the rule of law have been wanting for years, because an amnesty is bad policy. It’s bad for American workers.”

Kobach made the comments in reference to an interview that McConnell recently gave to MSNBC, in which he said that he and the Republican establishment “are not necessarily opposed” to an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

The Kansas gubernatorial candidate — who briefly advised Trump on a pro-American immigration agenda — said the amnesty for DACA illegal aliens is another reiteration of numerous amnesties that have been shot down in the past.

“This DREAMer amnesty that is being contemplated as an amnesty for the DACAs, it’s been touted as the DREAM Act ever since 2001, when Orrin Hatch introduced it, and it’s been defeated more than 24 times in various versions of the Congress,” Kobach said.

“This is an amnesty for an estimated 1.7 million people that legally apply for it,” Kobach said. “But then you probably have a larger number of people fraudulently crossing the border, crossing the border illegally, to fraudulently claim they were already here, and we’re responsible for it. So if it’s like the old 1986 amnesty, you probably have over three million eventually getting it, and then you have chain migration multiplying it out to 12 million people.”

While an amnesty would benefit multinational corporations and the cheap labor industry, Kobach explained how the move would be a detriment for not only America’s working-class, but American young people who would have to compete directly for jobs against the newly legalized foreign nationals.

“Why would we want to legalize 1.7 million illegal aliens who are predominantly between the age of 20 and 36,” Kobach said. “They would be competing against the most vulnerable American workers.”

“Unemployment rate among Americans, young Americans 18 to 26, is nine percent,” Kobach said. “Underemployment is 19 percent. So that’s 28 percent of people who either don’t have a job and want one or they’re working part-time flipping burgers and they have a college degree and they actually want a job that matches their skill-set. And so these young Americans are struggling. Why are the knuckleheads in Congresss saying ‘Hey, let’s legalize, you know, 1.7 million people to come in and compete against our own American kids.’ It is nonsense.”

Listen to Kobach’s full interview here:

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