Sheriff: Stephen Paddock Fired Over 1,100 Rounds in Las Vegas Concert Attack

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Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo says Stephen Paddock fired over 1,100 rounds when he opened fire on concert-goers October 1.

Moreover, Lombardo said law enforcement discovered over 4,000 additional, unused rounds in Paddock’s suite at Mandalay Bay.

According to the Associated Press, Lombardo’s office is working alongside the FBI in examining ballistic information tied to the concert attack in which Paddock killed 58 and wounded more than 500.

Lombardo said authorities still “have not determined Paddock’s motive or why he stopped shooting.” For this reason, and others, the public continues to ask questions regarding the heinous crime. Afterall, the official timeline of the shooting has changed more than once.

At first, reporters at law enforcement press conferences were told that the gunman shot Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos after the attack on concert-goers was already underway. Then the timeline shifted and reporters were told that Campos was actually shot by Paddock six minutes before the attack began. They were told that another hotel employee, Stephen Schuck, said shots were fired at him in the hallway right after Campos was shot and CBS News reported that Schuck immediately radioed “hotel dispatchers to call police,” telling the  dispatcher, “a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside” the hotel.

MGM Resorts International, the group which owns Mandalay Bay, immediately questioned the new timeline. On October 11 the AP quoted MGM Resorts spokeswoman Debra DeShong saying, “We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline. We believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.”

The new timeline was irksome for MGM Resorts and law enforcement because it made it appear that the shooting could have been prevented or at least cut short if the calls to the dispatcher had been passed on with greater urgency and/or if police response had been faster.

On October 20 CNN reported Sheriff Lombardo announced that the timeline was being shifted back to what had originally been announced: that “Paddock shot a hotel security guard around the time he began firing on the crowd, not six minutes earlier.”

If the public could see the CCTV footage they would be able to see for themselves which timeline most accurately portrays the events as they happened, but CCTV footage from hallways, elevators, and stairwells near Paddock’s suite has not been released.

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