Evan McMullin Group Spends $500,000 Against Roy Moore for Making Republicans Look Bad

Presidential candidate Evan McMullin
Evan McMullin; Edit: Breitbart

Failed Independent candidate Evan McMullin and his anti-Trump super PAC announced plans to spend $500,000 for ads against Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore.

McMullin’s argument against Moore is that he makes Republicans and Christians look bad. The ads were first reported by the Washington Post, which broke the allegations against Moore for dating teenage girls.

“I want decent people in office, that’s why I can’t vote for Roy Moore, what he’s done and what he stands for makes us Republicans and us Christians look bad,” an Alabama voter says in one ad.

Another ad features pictures of teenage girls and the series of allegations against Moore.

“What if she was your little girl? Your daughter? Your sister? What if she was 16 years old, or 15, or 14?” asks the narrator. “Would you let a 32-year-old man be alone with her, date her, undress her, touch her, have her touch him? That’s what Roy Moore did.”

The ads do not encourage voters to support Moore’s Democratic opponent but argues that no Republican should vote for Moore.


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