Roy Moore Says ‘God’s Will’ Determines Election Outcome: ‘This Is Probably the Ugliest, Dirtiest Campaign I Have Ever Seen’

FILE - In this Aug. 8, 2016 file photo, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore speaks to the media during a news conference in Montgomery, Ala. Moore appeared before a judicial discipline panel Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016, to answer accusations that he tried to block gay couples from marrying in the …
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MONTGOMERY, Alabama — At a private campaign Christmas event with core supporters and family at his Montgomery headquarters, Alabama’s GOP senatorial nominee Judge Roy Moore on Sunday evening laid out the stakes in Tuesday’s election in brief remarks to the group of approximately 50 people.

“Nice to see everybody. We’ve got one more day and then the election,” Moore, who has successfully battled evidence-less allegations of misconduct from decades ago, said. “We’re looking forward to it. It’s God’s will whatever happens, so we’re expecting God to do whatever he does will be the right thing to do. This election is probably as big as any election has been.”

The gathering at which Moore spoke was a Christmas party for his core supporters and campaign staff and volunteers. The only two media outlets allowed inside were Breitbart News and One America News Network, given the fact that the vast majority of the rest of the media is fake news.

Moore noted that people from all across the world are watching the results of his battle with radical leftist Democrat Doug Jones for signs of what it may mean for the future of President Donald Trump’s agenda moving forward. He specifically gave a shout out to Breitbart News and Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart’s Executive Chairman who was the White House chief strategist of President Donald Trump’s successful general election campaign against failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“It’s been watched by more people, not only in our state and our nation but around the world,” Moore said:

I was just told by our sister that on Sunday they had people from France at our little church in the country — and Norway, different places, are watching this election. Why? I don’t know. They think it is probably a referendum on the direction of our country in the future with regard to President Trump’s agenda and what he wants to do. I think he feels that. I know that Breitbart and Mr. Bannon feels that. I think I don’t understand that — but I have been told that by people intending to run out in Oklahoma and Missouri and that area. So, be that as it may, I guess we’re learning a lot.

Moore also said that the campaign — in which he has fended off evidence-less allegations, now demonstrably based on forged documents, of sexual misconduct — has been the “ugliest, dirtiest” one he has ever faced. All told, when this is over, Moore will have stared down something like more than $50 million in the primary, runoff, and general election. He said:

This is probably the ugliest, dirtiest campaign I have ever seen. When they get on social media, and tell you you’re going to be prosecuted if you vote for me — that’s how bad it is. The secretary of state has had to get involved. We have been putting out fires thanks to our campaign team. They have worked very hard. This is a beautiful place, a nice headquarters, and we have enjoyed having it, enjoyed getting out the people. We’re going to get out the vote, but I don’t know anybody that’s not going to vote on this. I know it’s a special election, but it’s going to be over quick because it’s just two people on the ballot. One ballot. So it’s a very unique election, but it’s going to be very watched by the media. I share President Trump’s feelings about the fake news that’s going out. You just wouldn’t believe how many people from out of state I’ve seen. They come up — they’re watching this election. It’s just bigger than what we can understand. And why it is, I can’t say.”


Trump has endorsed Moore and released a robocall urging Alabamians to vote for him on Sunday evening. Bannon, meanwhile, has campaigned for Moore both in the runoff and the general election. Both previous rallies were in Fairhope, Alabama, near Mobile. Bannon will return on Sunday evening for a “Drain the Swamp” rally with Moore and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) near Dothan, Alabama, in Midland City at Jordan’s Activity barn.


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