Wolff Book Claim: ‘Almost Every’ Senior Trump Staffer Says President is ‘Like a Child’

President Donald Trump delivers brief remarks before signing an executive order entitled,
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Author Michael Wolff claims in his new White House tell-all Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, that nearly every member of President Donald Trump’s senior staff accused him of acting “like a child.”

Wolff, writing in an extracted Hollywood Reporter article about his new book, details how President Trump’s senior staffers struggled “to get along with Trump — who veered between a kind of blissed-out pleasure of being in the Oval Office and a deep, childish frustration that he couldn’t have what he wanted.”

Wolff claims the president would constantly assert, “I want a win. I want a win. Where’s my win?” The president was, Wolff writes, “in words used by almost every member of the senior staff on repeated occasions, “like a child.”

While Wolff says early on that “looseness with the truth” is an “elemental thread of the book,” the author also, according to recent reports, has “dozens of hours” of recordings to corroborate several of the more controversial quotes attributed to senior White House personnel in the new book.

Already a bestseller, though, Fire and Fury has been criticized by serval seasoned reporters who cover this administration. The harshest criticism, of course, coming from President Trump, who called Wolff’s tome a “phony book” and said it’s, “full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist.”

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