Glamour: Female Gun Owners Explain Their Support for Second Amendment

AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright
AP Photo/The Sun, Alonzo Wright

Glamour magazine interviewed female gun owners during the NSSF SHOT Show, then posted a story wherein the women explained why they support the Second Amendment.

Glamour asked all the women the same question, “Why do you have a gun?” The vast majority simply responded that they owned guns for “protection” or “self-defense.” But there those who owned guns for sport as well.

The women were asked how they react when people question the value of private gun ownership. Twenty-four-year-old Chrysti Ane said, “My own personal belief is that I do feel safer with a gun,” 38-year-old Crystal said, “If they don’t like it, then don’t carry one,” and 54-year-old Charlene added, “If you don’t like guns, that’s fine. Don’t tell me and don’t preach to me that ‘guns are bad,’ and this and that. Guns don’t kill people.”

Each woman was also asked, “When mass shootings or school shootings happen—like the [school shooting in Kentucky on January 23]—does it ever make you rethink your position?”

The women predominantly answered, “No,” indicating that criminal misuse of firearms does not make them rethink their support of the Second Amendment. Others went even further and explained that criminal misuse of firearms only bolsters their determination to armed to defend themselves, should be they find themselves under attack.

Glamour quotes a University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center showing that more one-in-ten women owned a gun in 2014. And that number has certainly increaed, as women were acquiring concealed carry permits at twice the pace of men during Barack Obama’s second term.  According to the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), “The number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits [from 2012 to 2016].” CPRC also points to evidence which “suggests that permit-holding is increasing about 75 percent more quickly among minorities than among whites.”

The bottom line, gun ownership is no longer something enjoyed by white males only. Rather, men and women of all races and backgrounds have embraced the freedoms protected by the Second Amendment.

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