Single Mom Arrested for Allegedly Carrying 35 Pounds of Drugs: ‘I Was Offered an Opportunity’

Jossie Y. Ricks
Utah County Sheriff's Office

A Utah woman arrested for alleged cocaine and methamphetamine possession reportedly told officers at the time of her arrest that “she was offered an opportunity.”

A sergeant with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office conducted a routine traffic stop after observing the woman going 81 miles per hour (mph) in a 75 mph zone on hazardous roads, and not using her turn signal when making a turn.

Officers believed the woman had been carrying drugs and conducted a thorough search of her vehicle after transporting her and her vehicle to a safe area.

The officers found what they believed to be meth hidden in the car’s panels, and found a total of 32 pounds of the substance and nearly three pounds of cocaine in her vehicle.

Authorities also noted that they found $1,000 cash and meth packages were wrapped in hot sauce, adding that it is a common tactic for drug traffickers wishing to avoid being caught transporting drugs during K9 searches.

Authorities claimed that the suspect, Jossie Y. Ricks, did not intentionally speak to police but made “two spontaneous utterances” while being booked in jail for alleged drug possession.

“I am just a single mom and I was offered an opportunity,” she allegedly told police, according to KSTU. “It wasn’t 32 pounds; it was 25 pounds, they must be counting the packaging.”

Police say they believe her utterances show that the woman intended to transport the drugs illegally. After officers served her a warrant to test her blood and urine for drugs, they found that she tested positive for cocaine.

Police booked her on multiple charges, including two counts of distributing a controlled substance, failing to operate in a single lane, speeding, failing to use a turn signal, driving with a controlled substance, and using or possessing a controlled substance.

Police say the woman has been busted on drug charges before, as she had several prior drug-related convictions on her record.


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