Donald Trump: I Would Have Confronted Florida Shooter

AP Photo/Danny Johnston
AP Photo/Danny Johnston

President Donald Trump said that he would have confronted the high school shooter in Florida if he was outside the building at the time of the attack.

The president met with United States Governors on Monday, to discuss political issues — including how to stop school shootings from happening.

“You don’t know until you test it but, I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon, and I think most of the people in this room would have done that too,” Trump said.

Trump again criticized the Broward County deputies who remained outside the school as the shooter attacked.

“They weren’t exactly Medal of Honor winners all right?” he said. “The way they performed was frankly disgusting.”

Trump specifically mentioned Broward Country Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson for not entering the school.

“He heard the power, and he heard probably the screaming and the bullets and he wanted no part of it,” Trump said. “That was a terrible, terrible job.”

The president revealed that he had lunch over the weekend with the NRA’s Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Chris W. Cox, the NRA’s Executive director of Legislative Action. He called them “patriots” who wanted to help stop mass shootings.

“Don’t worry about the NRA, they’re on our side … there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Trump told the governors.  “And you know what, if they’re not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while, that’s ok.”

Trump again detailed to arm some skilled teachers with weapons.

 “I want highly trained people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball or hitting a golf ball or putting,” Trump said. 

He proposed the option of giving teachers an $1000 bonus, suggesting that it was an affordable way to make schools a “hardened target.”

“The bad guy has to understand there’s a big price to pay when they mess around with our students,” Trump said.


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