First Lady Meets With Florida Teen to Discuss His App to Help Students

Kyle Kashuv, Melania

Some of the survivors of the mass shooting in Florida last month that killed 17 people are planning to descend on the nation’s capital on March 24 for an anti-gun march.

One of them, Kyle Kashuv, has already made it to Washington, D.C., where he met with President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, lawmakers, and a slew of television hosts.

On Thursday, Kyle Kashuv was welcomed to the White House by the first lady, where they discussed the new app he is working on to connect students who need to talk with another teen.

Kashuv, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, then met with the president to talk about how students can be kept safe while on campus.

Kashuv told Breitbart News that he wasn’t a fan of social media, even though his tweets put him in the national spotlight, which led to his trip to the White House.

“I hate Twitter … I think it’s cancerous and a waste of time,” Kashuv said, without irony. The social media platform is how he gained nationwide attention for expressing his belief that guns are not the only issue in the killings perpetrated by a former student with a long history of mental health issues.

Kashuv also met with many lawmakers – including Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) – and he expressed his support for school safety legislation the lawmakers are crafting.

He also was all over Fox News, where he posed for photos with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson. He told Breitbart News he also was meeting with a representative of the National Rifle Association.

The video of Kashuv’s meeting with the first lady has 379,000 views.

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