Poll: Nearly Half of Likely Voters Oppose California-Style ‘Sanctuary State’ Laws Protecting Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary state sign (alternative_news_med / Instagram / Cropped)
alternative_news_med / Instagram / Cropped
Washington, D.C.

Nearly half of American likely voters say they oppose their state becoming a California-style “sanctuary state” for protecting criminal illegal aliens.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that about 47 percent of likely voters said they oppose their state becoming a “sanctuary state” like California, which refuses to cooperate with federal immigration officials to arrest, detain, and deport criminal illegal aliens.

Even more, swing voters oppose their state becoming a sanctuary for illegal aliens, with 48 percent saying they would oppose such an effort and only 29 percent of likely swing voters saying they support sanctuary states.

Likewise, a plurality of likely voters said they support Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) decision to sue the state of California for not abiding by federal immigration laws.

Roughly 45 percent of likely voters — including nearly 75 percent of Republican voters and nearly 25 percent of Democrat voters — said they support Sessions’ lawsuit against the sanctuary state of California. A minority of about 39 percent of likely voters said they opposed Sessions’ lawsuit against California.

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