Ann Coulter: Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes ‘a Ridiculous Waste of Time’

Ann Coulter
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New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says President Trump’s border wall prototypes sitting in the San Diego, California, desert are “a ridiculous waste of time.”

During an interview on KABC Los Angeles, Coulter mocked Trump’s border wall prototypes after the president visited the structures last week, as Breitbart News reported. According to Coulter:

They’re very good at stopping any illegal alien prototypes. … I don’t know why we need prototypes, except that it’s all just a fakeout and the whole thing about building a wall is just ‘I’m going to get four years saying I’m going to build the wall and inspecting prototypes, but I’ll never actually build the wall.’ … No, it’s a ridiculous waste of time. [Emphasis added]

Coulter said the U.S. should model its illegal immigration policies on Israel’s successful effort that has ended all illegal immigration into the country, as noted by Breitbart Israel Bureau Chief Aaron Klein. Coulter said:

I’ll take whatever Israel has because it’s working 100 percent. … They have a huge problem with illegal aliens and they’re fantastic. I mean, I have a whole chapter in ‘Adios, America’ about ‘Why can’t we have Israel’s plan on immigration?’ … They take illegal aliens and just fly them to other countries and drop them off in the desert.

Klein noted at the beginning of 2018 how Trump’s effort to stop illegal immigration pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border should be modeled off Israel in five simple points:

  • Build a wall at the border
  • Forcibly deport illegal aliens
  • Give illegal aliens incentives to self-deport
  • End all government funding for illegal aliens
  • Fine employers who hire illegal aliens

As Breitbart News previously reported, despite more than a year now into Trump’s presidency, a border wall remains unconstructed along the southern border with no clear vision in sight of when the project will break ground.

The border wall prototypes in San Diego have been collecting dust in the desert for over half a year now, though some experts say none of the prototypes will ever be chosen and that the border wall will be mash-up of multiple elements from each prototype.

In the meantime, wage growth for American workers is at risk as illegal immigration is set to majorly increase this year.

Princeton Policy Adviser President Steven Kopits says illegal immigration in 2018 is likely to increase by 70 percent—or about 590,000 border-crossings for 2018.

Such an increase, Kopits told the Washington Examiner, would put 2018 as the “second highest year since 2010” for illegal immigration on the southern border.

In Kopits’ most recent report on illegal immigration, he notes that California’s farm wages for Americans have increased because of slower illegal immigration throughout 2017 and increased enforcement, with the caveat, “However, the more enforcement succeeds, the higher wages will go, and the greater the incentive to evade the ban. In California, for example, tougher border enforcement has raised farm wages to $16 / hour, up perhaps $5 / hour over earlier times.”

Those wages gains, though, risk being depleted this year. Also running the risk of being depleted is history-making wage growth for American workers in the construction industry, the garment industry, for workers employed at small businesses, and black Americans.

A whistleblower in the California construction business most recently revealed how mass immigration and illegal aliens contributed in driving down Americans’ wages in the industry, Breitbart News reported:

WHISTLEBLOWER: If I hired a framer to do a small addition [in 1988], his wage would have been $45 an hour. That was the minimum for a framing contractor, a good carpenter. [Emphasis added]

Now, the average wage in Los Angeles for construction workers is less than $11 an hour. They can’t go lower than the minimum wage. [Emphasis added]

Every year the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million illegal and legal immigrants, consisting of mostly low-skilled foreign nationals who are only entering the country because they have foreign relatives already living in the U.S. In 2016, the illegal and legal immigrant population reached a record high of 44 million. By 2023, the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the legal and illegal immigrant population of the U.S. will make up nearly 15 percent of the entire U.S. population.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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