Delingpole Podcast: Brendan O’Neill on the Disillusioned Culture of Political Correctness, Identity Politics, and Cultural Relativism

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In this week’s Delingpole podcast, special guest Brendan O’Neill talks about his dismay at the “conformist and stifling” “blob-like thinking” in our PC culture, which allows “quite comfortably well-off people to play the role of a victim”, pretending that their “lives were hard”, and blaming it on “male privilege”.

Privilege was one of the concepts discussed by O’Neill and Delingpole at Radley College in Oxford – a private, boys only school where for the past two days they “have been Provocateurs”, invited to “stir up interesting discussion about controversial topics” with the students. O’Neill made a point about how ‘influential’ the ‘mainstream, lazy thinking’ is in education and how he aimed to “expose the students to dangerous ideas”.  The men spoke about “free speech”, forced “sexual consent classes” and the destructive concept of “political correctness”:

Islamophobia is a “censorious term designed to restrict any expression of support for British values” and “the idea that there might be a European Identity”.

O’Neill stresses the growing ‘cultural and ethnic tensions’ between the majority British, and minority Muslim communities. He blames multiculturalism for having created a “separatist patchwork”, by telling the minority groups to be “wary of the majority”. He adds that a major problem is the general “refusal to make cultural judgements” and assert that “there are British values which are superior”. This is why he thinks the media and “in particular the BBC” have been so silent about the “Telford scandal”. In his words, it seems that ‘‘anyone who is talking about cultural or ethnic tensions is somehow a racist, or hates Muslims” – Something Delingpole calls: “God’s punishment for liberalism”

Another one of those punishments is “the Everyday Sexism Project”, an initiative which Delingpole claims “accuses men of being rapists” who “have to be told not to rape”. It was yet another topic discussed with the students who were outraged at the message it carries – namely that “I am a rapist in waiting”. O’Neill calls this a ‘‘disturbingly patronising and misanthropic idea”, a “modern-day culture of fear”, and “misanthropy dressed up as progressive politics”. In fact, he encourages the viewers to “look at every day sexism’s examples of sexism”, which includes anecdotes like, “I was in a restaurant with my husband and the waiter gave the bill” to him. O’Neill mocked this by saying:

“If you think this is proof of the existence of a patriarchy… then you’re just deluded and paranoid, and a conspiracy theorist.”

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