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Government’s ‘British Values’ Agenda Slammed For Ignoring Christianity

The British government’s advice on teaching “British values” to nursery school children has been criticised as “vacuous” and “ideologically driven” after failing to mention the UK’s Christian heritage. The advice, promoted by the Department for Education, lists values such as

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Tory MP: Terror Laws CAN Be Used Against Christians Who Oppose Gay Marriage

A Conservative Member of Parliament has said that anti-extremism powers should be used against Christian teachers who don’t agree with gay marriage. Christian groups said that the comments prove that the government’s new anti-extremist orders, designed to tackle Islamic extremism, will

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Ofsted Deny That Asking Ten Year Olds about Homosexuality Is Inappropriate

Ofsted is continuing to deny that it’s inspectors are asking young children inappropriate questions on topics such as homosexuality and transgenderism, despite a number of parents coming forward to make complaints in the last few months. The questions have been justified