Donald Trump Promotes Infrastructure to Ohio Workers: ‘You Have Got a Friend in the White House’

Trump Ohio Unions
AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Ohio on Thursday, promoting his $1.5 trillion plan to raise funding for infrastructure in the United States.

“Before I used to say, ‘You are going to have a friend,’ but now I have proven you have got a friend in the White House,” Trump said to a crowd of about 400 union workers and supporters at the Richfield union training facility.

Trump appeared to relish the opportunity to speak in front of American workers, celebrating the increased job numbers, the rise in wages, and companies returning to the United States under his presidency.

“Being a builder, we can all talk as friends,” Trump said, “We’re all builders in this room.”

He promoted his new infrastructure plan as a way to create even more jobs in America, promising to fund and speed up the permitting process for important projects.

“I have been in construction building all my life, and I love it,” he said. “I love the smell of a construction site.”

Trump defended the cost of infrastructure spending, pointing out that past politicians spent billions in foreign countries.

“Americans have watched as Washington spent trillions and trillions of dollars building up foreign countries while allowing our own country’s infrastructure to fall into a state of disrepair,” he said.

He expressed disappointment that Democrats continued to block his plan, despite the benefits that it could offer the country.

“We probably have to wait until after the election, because the Democrats say, ‘Don’t give him any more wins,’” he said.


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