Exclusive– Friends of Dan Schwartz Ad: ‘Schwartz Won’t Take’ Lobbyists’ Money, Unlike Adam Laxalt

Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz speaks with the media after an event Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, in Las Vegas. Schwartz announced that he'll run as a Republican for governor in Nevada. (AP Photo/John Locher)
AP Photo/John Locher

A Friends of Dan Schwartz ad obtained exclusively by Breitbart News details that businessman Dan Schwartz, who is running for Nevada governor, will not take money from lobbyists “and their billionaire donors,” unlike Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

The Friends of Dan Schwartz will release two ads this weekend for the Nevada gubernatorial Republican primary.

The ads take a direct shot at the $750 million public subsidy the Nevada taxpayers gave to the Raiders football team to put their stadium in Las Vegas.

Laxalt, Schwartz’s primary opponent, said he opposes new taxes, although he did not take a position for or against Nevada lawmakers’ 2016 decision to provide public funding for the Raiders stadium. One of Laxalt’s primary campaign donors, casino mogul and billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, was heavily involved but eventually withdrew from the project.

“This is an irrelevant question as the issue has already been debated and the Raiders stadium is now moving forward,” he said. “Like all Nevadans, I hope and believe that having an NFL franchise in Las Vegas will be a big benefit for our state and that the funds are used wisely.”

Bill Foley, the owner of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, argued in an interview with CNBC in December that taxpayers should spend their money on schools and firefighters rather than stadiums.

“We can better spend that money on firefighters, teachers, and policeman,” Foley told CNBC. “Let’s have the best of that as opposed to building the big stadium.”

The six-figure ad buy will run through the Nevada GOP primary through broadcast and cable.

A survey commissioned by Grassroots Partners reveals that Schwartz polls within eight percent of Laxalt, according to Nevada voters who have seen Schwartz’s ads.

One ad, titled “Say No to the Swamp,” charges, “In 1776, men and women said no to the swamp and chose independence. 2018 is no different. Insiders want to buy, not elect, our government. Dan Schwartz won’t take their money. He believes in you, the voters, not billionaires and their lobbyists”:

Another ad, titled “Faraday Future,” declares, “They got Tesla. We got Faraday. We need a governor who will create high-tech, high-paying jobs and schools that will educate our kids, not a $2 billion taxpayer-funded stadium. I get it”:

The Schwartz campaign has attacked Laxalt for taking significant donations from the casino and gambling industry, as well as the lobbying industry.

The campaign ad lists how Laxalt received more than:

  • $422,722 from the casino and gambling industry.
  • $143,459 from the law and lobbying industry.
  • $133,875 from the real estate industry.
  • $146,350 from the securities and investment industry.
  • $24,983 from the chemicals industry.
  • $24, 675 from insurance companies.
  • $31,750 from the payday loan industry.

Laxalt belongs to a family of lobbyists. The Washingtonian named his wife, Michelle Laxalt, one of the top 50 lobbyists.

Schwartz called for Laxalt to either quit the gubernatorial race or resign as the state’s attorney general in December.

Meanwhile, Dan Schwartz did not receive any donations from casinos while running for his current position of Nevada state treasurer.

On his campaign website, DanforNevada.com, his campaign argues that Schwartz “is now running for Governor because it’s time to end pay-to-play and to realize Nevada’s potential for a better community and a stronger, more diversified economy.”


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