‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Moving to New York Stock Exchange, Away from ‘Charging Bull’

Fearless Girl faces Bull Mark LennihanAP
Mark Lennihan/AP

The “Charging Bull” creator protested the introduction of “Fearless Girl,” which he claimed distorted the meaning of his piece.

“Fearless Girl” by Kristen Visbal was installed across from Wall Street’s bronze “Charging Bull” for International Women’s Day in March 2017. It was originally commissioned by State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), in order to draw attention to its “gender diversity index” fund and highlight the role of women in the business world.

Now, SSGA is preparing to move the statue closer to the New York Stock Exchange, after extended protest from another iconic work of New York art. Artist Arturo Di Modica, creator of the 11-foot-tall, 7,100-pound bronze “Charging Bull,” has argued against the placement of the SSGA’s commission, claiming that it was little more than an advertising gimmick which distorted the original intent of his piece — changing it from a symbol of prosperity to one of villainy.

SSGA will move “Fearless Girl” by the end of the year, in cooperation with the New York City mayor’s office. SSGA President and CEO Cyrus Taraporevala said that “[SSGA’s] hope is that by moving her closer to the NYSE she will encourage more companies to take action.” Last year, SSGA was forced to take more than symbolic action, paying $5 million to settle allegations of underpaying both female and minority employees.

Looks like the bronze one in the Bowling Green plaza is not the only bull that SSGA is trying to evade.


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