Trump Refuses to Apologize for Travel Order: ‘Wouldn’t Make Ten Cents’ Worth of Difference’


Apologizing for 2016 campaign talk wouldn’t make “ten cents’ worth of difference” in the lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s temporary travel restriction, according to Trump.

The U.S. President was responding to a reporter’s question at a White House Rose Garden joint press conference with the President of Nigeria on Monday afternoon. The reporter said that opponents in the “travel ban” case claim the case would “go away” if Trump would apologize for some of his 2016 campaign rhetoric.

Trump was quick to respond,“I don’t think it would, one, and there’s no reason to apologize.”

“Our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster. They are laughed at all over the world. They’re laughed at for their stupidity. And we have to have strong immigration laws,” said Trump.

“I think if I apologize wouldn’t make ten cents worth of difference to them,” the President concluded. “There’s nothing to apologize for.” 

“We have to have strong immigration laws to protect our country,” he repeated.

A week after being sworn into office, President Trump signed the first version of an executive order temporarily restricting travel from sever terror-prone countries. Legal challenges led to two revised versions of the temporary travel restriction that were, again, challenged in court. In January 2018, almost a year since the first travel restriction order was signed, the Supreme Court of the United States granted review in the case against Trump’s “travel ban.” A decision is expected around the end of June.

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