Police Accuse Woman of Forcing Oral Sex on Cable Repairman

Mildred Newsome a Fayetteville, North Carolina woman faces sexual assault charges after fo
Cumberland County Jail

Police in North Carolina have accused a woman of forcing a cable repairman to allow her to perform oral sex on him, a report says.

The suspect was arrested upon the repairman’s report of the incident to Fayetteville, North Carolina, police after his April 20 service call, according to the New York Daily Post.

Fayetteville police Sgt. Shawn Strepay said that Mildred Newsome, 47, forced herself on the man when he came to fix her cable box.

“The cable guy was there to work on her box and, while waiting for it to reset as he was sitting on a couch, she came over, grabbed his hand and forcefully placed his hand on her own breast,” Sgt. Strepay told the media.

The sgt. added that the 30-year-old victim said he tried to refuse the woman’s overtures, but she persisted in pushing an “unwanted sexual advance.”

“A lot of people are of the mind that a man cannot be sexually assaulted or could have done something to stop it,” Sgt. Strepay added. “That’s not true.”

Police also allege that the woman said she would say the repairman tried to rape her if he didn’t succumb to her desires.

“When he was able to finally get out of the home, he did report it the same day, actually shortly after the event took place,” the sgt. said.

Newsome faces a pair of felony counts of second-degree forcible sex offense and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery. She was released on bail.

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