Kellyanne Conway: Establishment Media ‘So Miserable’

Kellyanne Conway said Friday the establishment media was “miserable” covering Donald Trump’s presidency, making her job easier.

“I don’t know what’s got everyone so miserable, to be honest with you,” Kellyanne Conway said during a conversation in a forum with Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition at the Road to Majority Conference.

The senior counselor to the president said she was happy to go on television and explain the president’s policies and explained why she was able to continue doing it.

“I’m quite comfortable explaining all of the good going on,” she said. “I think it took me a little bit of a while to understand that, with the White House behind you, you’re speaking on behalf of America and to America, and I don’t return the snark and bark in kind.”

Conway joked that perhaps she would reveal more in a book but would remain positive in office.

“For now, I’ll just keep my counsel and smile through it all,” she said. “I also find smiling through it is very disarming for the other side because they’re hardly ever smiling.”

Conway laughed and added, “I’m not sure if people even have teeth, I really haven’t seen them in a while.”

She said it became easier to appear for TV news interviews because many of the hosts were so miserable.

“I also just am much more calm and confident than, it seems, many people who are asking the questions,” she said, but added that she was “not going to name them.”

Conway said she did not feel like her job is to defend the president, but rather explain his policies, and she questioned why the media felt that it was their job to attack.

“Why the same question ten times, and why the scowl on the face, and why have I called from day one the presumptive negativity?” she said.

Conway also chided the establishment media for focusing more of their time on topics like the Russia investigation instead of issues that matter.

“My main complaint has always been that the media don’t cover the issues that necessarily affect Americans,” she said, noting the “irony” that they did not seem to pay attention to their own polling.


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