Donald Trump Reassures Supporters: ‘The Border Is Going to Be Just as Tough’

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Donald Trump reassured supporters of his tough immigration policies that he would continue enforcing the border, after signing an executive order to stop families of illegal immigrants from being separated at the border.

“We are going to keep families together, but the border is going to be just as tough as it’s been,” he said during a rally in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday night.

He accused Democrats of ignoring the impact of “uncontrolled” immigration into communities, citing the burden on schools and hospitals.

“Democrats put illegal immigrants before they put American citizens. What the hell is going on?” Trump asked, pointing out that they wanted “open borders.”

The president said that illegal immigration costs the United States hundreds of billions of dollars – money that he would rather spend on infrastructure.

The crowd of supporters roared with approval, chanting “Build that wall!!”

Trump said that the wall was started, but that it was difficult to get anything accomplished in Washington.

“Boy, it’s tough. They want to do anything they can do to obstruct, but it’s happening,” he said.


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