Widow of Medal of Honor Recipient Surprises Donald Trump with Big Hug

Trump Hug
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

A widow receiving a Medal of Honor on behalf of her deceased husband surprised President Donald Trump with a big hug on Tuesday during the ceremony.

The president gripped the hand of 89-year-old Pauline Conner, the wife of Army First Lieutenant Garlin Murl Conner, as she was helped on stage at the White House for the ceremony.

She reached up to give the president a hug before she sat down.

Trump grinned and quipped, “She told me she voted for Trump.”

The president told the story of Conner, who snuck out of the hospital and ran out into the battlefield with a telephone (and 400 yards of wire) to call in artillery strikes in the middle of a German attack saving the lives of hundreds of men.

“Murl embodied the pure patriotic love that burns and sustains the nation,” Trump said.

The president gave Conner the framed medal as members of her family and nine grandchildren and friends of her husband watched.

Conner smiled broadly and gave Trump a kiss on the cheek and patted him on the face.
“Turning to the press, Trump said, “I like her,” before personally escorting her off the stage to her seat.