Trump Says SCOTUS Pick Down to Four or Two

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President Donald Trump will announce his nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice on Monday at 9 pm. As of Thursday afternoon, he had his top picks down to four, or three, or two.

“I think I have it down to four people and I think of the four people, I have it down to three or two,” Trump told reporters aboard an Air Force One flight headed for a campaign rally in Montana. He confirmed that he would announce his final decision on Monday night at 9 pm at the White House.

“I’ll say on the record that I am interviewing some extraordinarily talented and brilliant people and I’m very, very happy with them and we will pick somebody who will be outstanding, hopefully for many years to come,” he said.

A reporter asked if his first Supreme Court nominee and now confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch would be a model for this second rollout. “Very close…We’re going to do it at 9 pm in the White House,” said Trump.

Asked about the selection process, Trump said, “I think they’re all outstanding. Honestly, I could pick any of the 25 and they would be terrific. Those are very terrific people. The whole list is extraordinary.” He wouldn’t give in to prodding as to who the top four candidates are, “I don’t want say the four. But I have it down to four.”

“I’ll have a decision made in my mind by Sunday,” Trump revealed. “We’ll announce it on Monday. I’ll give you the answer.”

Asked if any of the top candidates will be joining him in Bedminster, New Jersey over the weekend, Trump said, “I was thinking about it. I doubt it. Unlikely.”

Trump did say that Vice President Mike Pence will be joining him in Bedminster as would some unnamed White House staff. “We’re going to go over the Supreme Court and some other things that we’re working on,” said Trump. Some White House staff have been temporarily reassigned to work on the Supreme Court nomination process.

“I do think that something very very exciting is Space Force,” he pivoted. “There is tremendous excitement about Space Force… We’re moving along.”

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