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Trump Says SCOTUS Pick Down to Four or Two

President Donald Trump will announce his nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice on Monday at 9 pm. As of Thursday afternoon, he had his top picks down to four, or three, or two.

Boba Fett -- seen here portrayed by a fan in Tunisia -- has developed something of a cult following and has been played by various actors, starting with Jeremy Bulloch

China Mocks Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Proposal

The Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily Online had a high old time on Tuesday mocking President Donald Trump’s proposal to create a “space force” that will be “separate but equal” from the U.S. Air Force, following up with a hypocritical little sermon about the militarization of space.

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Donald Trump Orders Pentagon to Create a Space Force

Trump called for a “separate but equal” branch of the military dedicated to space, specifically directing Joseph Dunford of the Joint Chiefs of staff to carry out his directive.