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Israeli Space Chief Says Aliens Likely Exist, but They Haven’t Met Humans

The chances of extraterrestrial life are high and while an Israeli defense expert who last week claimed aliens have formed a “Galactic Federation” with humans and President Donald Trump knows about it may have taken things too far, he shouldn’t be dismissed entirely, the head of Israel’s space agency told The Times of Israel.

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China Defense White Paper Reveals Plans to Deploy Advanced Space Weapons

China’s first major defense white paper in four years attracted considerable attention for its paranoia about “separatism.” One section of the paper extends that paranoia into space, where China claims the United States is attempting to attain “absolute military superiority” so it can dominate the entire world. The paper calls for China to develop the “relevant technologies and capabilities” needed to compete with the U.S. in space warfare.

China launches first private rocket capable of carrying satellites