Space Force

China Defense White Paper Reveals Plans to Deploy Advanced Space Weapons

China’s first major defense white paper in four years attracted considerable attention for its paranoia about “separatism.” One section of the paper extends that paranoia into space, where China claims the United States is attempting to attain “absolute military superiority” so it can dominate the entire world. The paper calls for China to develop the “relevant technologies and capabilities” needed to compete with the U.S. in space warfare.

The 20-metre (66-foot) rocket designed by iSpace named Hyperbola-1 reached an altitude of 300 kilometres (186 miles), according to a statement

Dean Cheng: Space Force Is Crucial Defense Against China’s Attempts to ‘Cripple’ U.S. Satellite Infrastructure

Dean Cheng, the senior research fellow at the Asian Studies Center of the Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, joined SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Rick Manning on Friday’s Breitbart News Tonight to discuss President Donald Trump’s “Space Force” proposal and compare it to China’s military space programs.

Pentagon to Release Space Force Report