‘Made in America’ Event: Donald Trump Blasts ‘Globalists’ for Outsourcing Jobs

President Donald Trump talks with City Machine Technologies president and general manager Michael Kovach, left, and his son, vice president of engineering Chip Kovach, as they look at an industrial magnet as he participates in a "Made in America Product Showcase" at the White House, Monday, July 23, 2018, in …
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump hosted a White House exhibit of products made in America to showcase the products available to consumers from all 50 states.

“America is fighting back and we’re winning again!” Trump said during remarks at the event.

The showcase also featured Ranger boats, jeans from Bullet Blues and Round House, hats, toys, Liberty gun safes, and Beck cowboy boots. It also included a Ford F-150, an RV, and a model of the F-35 as part of the exhibit.

The president criticized the “globalists” who accepted the idea that American manufacturing jobs could be outsourced to Mexico or other countries.

“It’s not ok to me. To me, it’s a very bad thing and it’s stopping,” he said.

Trump used the event to boast about historic unemployment rates and mark the importance of restoring manufacturing jobs to the United States. He criticized past leaders of the U.S. for outsourcing jobs with bad trade deals.

“That’s not free trade, that’s fools trade, that’s stupid trade,” Trump said.

He said he would continue negotiations with China, Mexico, and Canada to reach better trade deals and demand fairness from the World Trade Organization.

“We are putting the trade cheaters on notice: no one rips off the United States anymore,” he said.

The president showed off a new green hat that said “Make our Farmers Great Again,” saying that he would continue fighting for American farmers and opening up markets for their products.

Trump urged all Americans to buy products made in America and from companies that hired American workers.

“Every time a new factory opens, every time jobs are returned to our shores, every time we buy a product made by our own American neighbors, we are renewing the bonds of love and loyalty that link us all together as Americans,” Trump said.


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