Pennsylvania AG Claims Victory After Cody Wilson Blocks State from Accessing 3D Gun Files

Cody Wilson

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is claiming victory because Cody Wilson blocked Pennsylvanians from accessing his 3-D gun files.

Wilson’s block is temporary and he told Breitbart News he did it “as a concession to … [the] judge and show of good faith.”

But CBS News reports that Shapiro is taking credit for the concession, after bringing suit against Wilson on Sunday afternoon.

On July 10, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Wilson and the Second Amendment Foundation reached a settlement with the U.S. State Department and Wilson is now in the midst of rolling out online files for 3-D guns, gun parts, and more.  The files are to be available en mass on August 1, 2018.

In an effort to counter 3-D file-sharing Shapiro says that he, “Gov. Tom Wolf (D) and the Pennsylvania State Police sued [Wilson’s company] before its formal rollout of a downloadable gun program.” Shapiro sought a Temporary Restraining Order which the judge rejected. Wilson volunteered to block file sharing in Pennsylvania in the short term.

Shapiro described 3-D printed guns in ominous tones: “The harm to Pennsylvanians would have been immediate and irreversible. Defense Distributed was promising to distribute guns in Pennsylvania in reckless disregard of the state laws that apply to gun sales and purchases in our Commonwealth. Once these untraceable guns are on our streets and in our schools, we can never get them back.”

It should be pointed out that plans for 3-D printed guns are readily available and have been for some time, both around the country and around the world. Plans for 3-D gun parts are available as well. Wilson’s victory rests in the ability to share his files for 3-D guns and gun parts online.

Wilson spoke to Breitbart News about Shapiro’s claims, saying, “Shapiro tried to lie to a federal judge and take down my site nationwide. I am temporarily blocking access to PA as a concession to our judge and a show of good faith.”

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