Sen. Richard Blumenthal: President Trump Will Become ‘Monarch’ if Judge Kavanaugh Confirmed

King Donald Trump

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) bizarrely claimed at a rally near Capitol Hill Wednesday that President Donald Trump will become a “monarch,” if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Blumenthal said:

I hope you agree with me. We’re not going to allow Brett Kavanaugh on the United States Supreme Court without a real fight of our lives. We’re going to make sure America knows what’s at stake. It’s not just reproductive rights, it’s also protections for health care, millions of Americans who suffer from pre-existing conditions. Everybody thinks ‘pre-existing condition, must be something that affects someone else, right?’  Well, it’s every one of us. Disabilities, heart disease, obesity, drug addiction, and yes, pregnancy, is a pre-existing condition. Are we going to roll back those protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions? Absolutely not.

The Connecticut Democrat continued: “Now, Brett Kavanaugh is in-effect a ‘get out of jail free card’ for Donald Trump. He is a way for Donald Trump to protect himself because Brett Kavanaugh has said, just coincidently, he doesn’t think the president of the United States ought to be subpoenaed to a grand jury. How convenient! He doesn’t think a president is barred from refusing to enforce a law. He thinks the president can refuse to enforce a law even if the court, including the United States Supreme Court, has said it’s valid and constitutional. The president would, in effect, be a monarch. The president would be a monarch if Brett Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court Justice. I don’t think Americans want an imperial presidency, do you?”


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