Illegal Alien Convict Accused of Sex Abuse Bankrupts County with $1M Taxpayer-Funded Medical Bills

Utah County Jail

A previously convicted illegal alien accused of sexually abusing an underage girl whom he is related to is racking up close to $1 million in taxpayer-funded medical bills while in Utah prison.

A report from the Salt Lake Tribune reveals the extent to which illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer.

Gerardo Valerio-Romero, a 49-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl who is a relative of his. While in the custody of Utah County, the illegal alien was diagnosed with cancer and began receiving treatment.

Salt Lake Tribune reporter Taylor Anderson noted how the illegal alien’s cancer treatment — funded by Utah taxpayers — is draining the county’s budget:

Even at a discount, Valerio-Romero’s cancer treatments have drained the county jail’s medical budget. His case is set for trial early next month, and he’s caught the interest of federal immigration officials who will look at possibly deporting him if he’s acquitted. Until then, he’s in Utah’s court system, where his case is stalled and costs from his treatment continue to climb. [Emphasis added]

Valerio-Romero was previously convicted of a crime but was never deported out of the U.S. The country has an illegal alien population of about 12 million illegal aliens, costing American taxpayers about $116 billion every year.

The illegal alien’s million dollar and climbing medical bills are practically bankrupting the county. Since the illegal alien’s medical bills started racking up, the now-resigned county sheriff, Jim Tracy, has had to ask for “emergency budget help,” according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“The solution to this problem … was adding additional money,” Tracy said. “This guy pops up with a million-dollar [problem], which we don’t even have. That’s why there was the crisis. The solution has always been from Day One you’re going to have to transfer money” to cover medical costs. [Emphasis added]

Valerio-Romero is set to stand trial on August 8 and he has pleaded not guilty to all of the sex abuse charges against him. The Salt Lake Tribune also notes that the illegal alien may have been committing identity theft to work and cash checks, using an alias.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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